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Baten Kaitos Origins

by Artix, Fedule

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Original Thread: Capturing the Fundamental Essence of an LP in a Card [Baten Kaitos Origins]



Baten Kaitos Origins, released in 2006 for the Gamecube, asks the question that no one was brave enough to ask nor care about : Now that you've seen the end result of Malpercio's rampage, what about how we got there, huh? Don't you want to relive all that cool stuff from the game's backstory, thousands of years ago?

...Wait, hang on.

Sorry, I'm being informed that actually this game centers around a big, conveniently-never-mentioned event from about 20 years before the first game. But don't worry! I'm sure that will also be a very cool and compelling story.

All jokes aside, Origins is more of Eternal Wings. If you enjoyed the first game, the style, worldbuilding, soundtrack... hell, even the esoteric shit like making you a spirit rather than directly playing as the main character (and then subsequently tying how good your draws are to how much you agree with said character via dialogue choices), then congrats! Here's another entire game worth of that. If not, there is very little that Origins has up its sleeve to change your mind. In fact, the only real changes come with the battle system, which has been completely revamped into an ATB system that I personally don't like as much as Eternal Wings', but is definitely easier to understand and use. In addition, the game has ditched the tinny echo effect on the voice acting, so it's actually tolerable to listen to for more than ten minutes at a time. Hooray for small, unambiguous improvements, I suppose.

As for me, I have played...most of this game. Not all of it, but enough to feel confident we shouldn't have any issues completing it, especially given its similarities to Eternal Wings. Fedule, as before, is coming into this blind and it would be nice to keep it that way as long as possible. This is *not* a comprehensive LP, as there are numerous sidequests that we will be showing off exactly once and then never again, but we will sample everything at least once and we'll finish all the major quests, at a minimum.

Table of Contents

Disc 1
Part 1: The Dark Service
Part 2: The Emperor's Mansion
Part 3: Albali Sandhollow
Part 4: Escape from Mintaka
Part 5: Chaotic Dance
Part 6: Nusakan Thornwood
Part 7: Sheratan, the Ageless Village
Part 8: Lake Botein Ruins
Part 9: Machina Arma?!
Part 10: The Sandfeeder's Nest
Part 11: The Magnus Town of Sedna
Part 12: Greater Mintaka
Part 13: The Nihal Desert
Part 14: Azha, the Mining Village
Part 15: Our First Job
Part 16: The Case of the Mourning Mistral
Part 17: The Lava Caves
Part 18: The Lord of the Lava Caves
Part 19: To Clear One's Name
Part 19B: The Coliseum
Part 20: Sheliak, the Castle Town
Part 21: The Cloud Passage
Part 22: Nashira, the Fishing Village
Part 23: A Royal Rescue
Part 24: The Cloudvents
Part 25: Cujam, the Ruler's Demesne
Part 26: The Recap
Part 27: Pherkad, the Ancient Capital
Part 28: Cebalrai, the Farming Hamlet
Part 29: Lord Rodolfo's Estate
Part 30: Nunki Valley
Part 31: Zaurak Keep
Part 32: Another Mission Accomplished

Disc 2
Part 33: The Holoholo Jungle
Part 34: Komo Mai, City of Flowers
Part 35: The School of Magic
Part 36: Opu, the Waterfall Village
Part 37: The Celestial Tree
Part 38: The Dark Bretheren
Part 39: Malpercio
Part 40: The Celestial Fell-branches
Part 41: The Election Rally
Part 42: Heart to Heart
Part 43: Vega Building Site
Part 44: The List
Part 45: The Matar Highlands
Part 46: The Nekkar Quietlands
Part 47: Seginus, the Eldritch Puppet
Part 48: Geldoblame's Request
Part 49: The Revenge Tour
Part 50: Blast From the Past
Part 51: Vega, Machina Metropolis
Part 52: The Championship Match
Part 53: Tarazed
Part 54: The True Mirror
Part 55: Tarazed's Core
Part 56: The End
Part 57: Odds and Ends
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