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Part 13: Class 7

Music: Ruins

Whelp, time to make our way back to Verus. You don't have to go through the desert again (like its predecessor, this game doesn't make you do field dungeons more than once unless something has drastically changed). But there's something about this desert...something that's bothering me...Maybe there's more off the beaten path than I thought?

What are you doing here? There's nothing the likes of you would find interest – hmm? Wait, you're...And that paramachina is...How very...fascinating.

Something wrong, Georg?

Larikush, we have a plurality of most singular guests today.

…...Something is definitely weird here.

Sorry to have barked at you like that. You've come all this way, would you like some water, perhaps? We keep it for use as a coolant, but it tastes just the same.

That's weird, people usually can't tell. I'm not sure how I feel about you knowing this.

What, you can tell?

You could say that. And you, Guillo, was it? Hmm...The young lady's name was Milliarde, correct?

… …

I wonder what she's so upset about?

Um, can I ask what you two are doing in here?

Just a bit of research. Nothing terribly exciting. So how about it? Any interest in helping me with my research? It's really quite simple. You'd just have to carry this heartflask around with you.

Just carry it around? That's all?

That's right. This vessel was engineered to store away the spirit of its holder. I hadn't encountered anyone I felt I could trust with it...until I met you. So how about it?

This sounds really dangerous, but...I'm more curious about what will happen than worried, so okay!

All right. I really just have to hold on to it, right?

Right. Just carrying it around with you is enough. Pretty simple, hmm? Here you are. I should mention that the heartflask is still under development. When you have the time, come by to see me, and I can perform any necessary adjustments.

What a strange guy. What could he possibly want with Sagi's and/or my soul extract for?

Well, we'll just leave him to his research. Let's go talk to Verus again.

Music: Parity of Light and Dark

Yes, sir. Thank you.

Good. Then have you arrived at an answer?

Might as well, I suppose. It's not like we have anything better to do, do we?

If Guillo and I can be of any use, then yes, sir. I accept your offer. But under one condition. I want Milly to come with us. After all, she's saved our skins more than once since the incident at the emperor's residence. I mean...this is assuming she, uh...wants to go?

It's fine by me. What do you say, Milliarde?

Would you come with us?

Of course I'll go! If you think I'll be of any help. When has there ever been a dull moment with you?

Thanks, Milly.

Very good, then. Starting today the three of you work for me. Understood?

Yes, sir.

Good. First, let's get rid of that warrant for your arrest. Geldoblame, see to it that Sagi's record is wiped clean. The Senate should have his file.

Yes, my lord.

There, done. I'll also have relief funds sent to the orphanage immediately.

Thank you, sir!

Now, let's get down to your first task. Are you aware of the recent surge in terrorist activity here in Mintaka?

Yes, sir. We were there for the attack during the election speeches the other day.

I see. Then let's get right to the point: we have information that the one masterminding the attacks is in Azha.


Well that's one hell of a coincidence. At least we don't have to go through the Nihal desert a third time to get back there, I suppose.

That's right. Your first task is to head up the investigation there. It may not help with Baelheit, but it will give me a chance to gauge your abilities.

I understand, sir. We'll head for Azha.

Here, this is a communicator prototype form our R & D branch. Take its magna essence with you.

A cellphone? What is it with fantasy games needing to have cellphones? I guess it's not functionally that different from having twin crystal balls that can communicate or whatever, but...I dunno, it just seems odd to me.

You can use it to get in contact with me over a distance. I suppose even machina has its uses. I'm also going to give you some blank magnus. Good luck to you, then.

Oh wow, never mind my complainin, you're the best Verus, I love you. Now that I think about it...I ended BKEWLO with 8 quest magnus. Maybe less, even. I'm only a few hours into this game and I already have 16. This is fantastic!

All right, our next objective is Azha. I started to head out that way, but on my way out of town I heard a commotion...

Relatively Sane Woman: I'd be more worried about your head than your precious Verus! Are you daft, girl? There's no way you'll get to see him in the middle of all this chaos. Go home!

Obnoxiously Whiny Girl: No way! I'm not moving an inch, no way. Not until I've breathed the same air as my dear Quaestor Verus!

Air, huh? Hold on, I may be able to do something about that.

Secretary: Yes, sir. We estimate our military forces have grown 8-10% since the last report. By contrast, the size of Baelheit's forces has plateaued, with only a 1-2% change. Going from these figures, the longer the council waits to decide, the better your outlook, sir.

I see, excellent work. You will be well rewarded for this.

Secretary: Sir! Thank you very much!

All right, let's hear the officer of finance's report.

Officer: Yes, sir. We anticipate a 7-8 percent increase in military funding from the last report's figure. By contrast, funding for Baelheit's forces has plateaued, with only a 1-2 percent increase.

I see, excellent work. You will be well rewarded for this.

Officer: Sir! Thank you very much!

...oh...uh...hold on, give me a second here.

Two exits and reentries later...

Secretary: Yes, sir...We estimate our military forces have, uh, decreased 5-7% since the last report.

- - > Music: The Edging Away

What? Care to repeat that?

Secretary: Y-Yes, sir...We estimate our military forces have decreased 5-7% since the last report.

What about Baelheit's forces?!

Secretary: S-Sir! It, uh, seems his recent staff changes have paid off. His forces have grown 6-7%...

You imbecile! What did I hire you for?! You can stand there until I give you permission to sit!

Secretary: Y-yes, sir!

All right, let's hear the officer of finance's report.

Officer: Yes, sir...We anticipate a 10-12 percent decrease in military funding form the last report's figure.

What? Care to repeat that?

Officer: Y-Yes, sir...We anticipate a 10-12 percent decrease in military funding form the last report's figure. Of course, that's factoring in recent bonuses given to the troops, as well as other prior investments-

What about Baelheit's funding?!

Officer: S-Sir! It, uh, seems his own prior investments have yielded a 15-18 percent increase in funding-

You imbecile! What did I hire you for?! You can stand there until I give you permission to sit!

Officer: Y-yes, sir!

If you two don't give me positive results, I have no hope of defeating Baelheit. You had better come up with a plan to improve our situation right here, right now...otherwise you'll see how unforgiving a man I can be!

Sagi...I don't think we made a very good decision...

(incidentally, I had only ever seen the Foul Air version of this scene before. I had no idea there was a positive version. I still prefer the scary one, though, to be honest.)

Hey, that's not a bad reward for shattering a girl's fantasy. I'll take it! (It's the same if you give her the fresh air)

Okay, I want to get some fighting in here since I haven't gotten to all that much lately. What better time to check out the Coliseum?

The guy says that we're super duper late for something and demands for us to follow him inside.

Ark: You got it. Leave it to me. So, you're Sting's new guy, huh?

Um, sure?

Ark: You sure took your time getting here. Everybody figured you'd lost your nerve and run off. Mr. Sting's sponsoring you. Try not to cause him any grief, yeah?

The Coliseum has a mini-plot of sorts, but there's not really much to be done with it besides just learning that some Sting guy is sponsoring us. But forget that, let's see what we can murder.

There are five normal ranks of battles plus a few extras. We can only fight Rank 1 battles right now. To advance in rank, we need to accumulate a certain amount of point (done by fighting in the coliseum) and also do a sidequest for the coliseum which will only activate once we reach milestones in the plot – usually reaching a new area.

Music: The Valedictory Elegy (for guitar)

The arena battles have a few unique features. First of all, the first time you go into a battle for a new rank (e.g. Rank 1), you get the remix of Valedictory Elegy. I believe this always plays for “boss” coliseum fights as well, though I may be mistaken.

The other feature of the coliseum is that you fight several waves of enemies in one battle. This means you need to keep an eye on your HP, lest it get whittled down by all the enemies you have to fight. Fortunately, the current enemies I'm fighting are fairly outdated, so no worries there.

The bird is back and angrier than ever. I'm on to you, you flying feathery menace.

This wave of enemies starts off asleep. I'm not really sure why, but it's very convenient since they're probably the most dangerous enemies I can face in rank 1.

This is the prize counter, where you can trade points for goodies. I honestly should have splurged on the Warrior's Scarf, but I didn't. Maybe next time.

Anyway, I did some fighting here and realized that I was getting some solid TP. You don't suppose...?

Blah blah blah whatever. Get to the good part.



Okay, so you know how I charge MP up by performing various actions, and spend it by using special attacks like Scension? Well, I can now charge my MP up to the absolute maximum of 5. When my MP hits 5, I can perform an MP BURST which reduces the MP cost of all special attacks and abilities to zero. This lasts until the end of my current attack string (and persists across Relay Combos).

It doesn't seem like a big deal right now because I only have low MP abilities, but it is absolutely vital later on for creating the game's strongest attacks and can be used to glorious effect.

The downside is that, once the MP Burst ends, your MP is reset to zero and cannot be charged again for a short time. This can be rather debilitating late in the game, but even so it's a price that is easily worth paying.

I think this is a good stopping point, but first let's celebrate my new ability with some more travel log entries.

Sorry, Mom

I've made up my mind. I've decided to go back to Alfard and see Verus. He's supposed to be a spiriter, like me. I bet Verus knows something about that weird dream I keep having. That monster's in it every time. Mom, I'm sorry. I promise I'll come home soon. But this is something I need to understand.

Try and make me leave!

Stupid presumptuous dingbat! “You can leave now”? Ugh! Olgan's funeral is under way, so we shouldn't have any trouble reaching Verus's residence unmolested. No thanks to that can opener, mind you. I was just thinking about what Sagi's mother Gena said when we left Hassaleh...Does she really trust me?

Verus the spiriter

I don't like that Verus character, though the talk of Baelheit and his plans was most interesting. Spiriters, chosen ones who will sway the world's future...indeed. Well, we had better rest for the time being. Sagi, more than any of us.

A change of air

Sagi needs a change of air. I think he'd perk up after a visit from Azha! They told us at the School of Magic that Azha is the liveliest place in all Alfard. Personally, I can't wait to see it instead of just reading about it!

Save the world, huh?

I feel bad for leaving Guillo and Milly out of the loop – but who wouldn't have their doubts about “saving the world”? I mean, come on. But Milly had it right. A change of air did me a world of good. We can head back to Quaestor Verus's place now. I'll take a night to sleep on it, then give him my answer. Yeah, that sounds like a plan.

Latest Entry

I can't believe it...The terrorist behind the bombings is an Azhani? Almarde, Bein, Juwar, Nollin, Mallo...They're all such nice people! I guess I'll take a look around. Talk to everyone. That's my job now, after all.

Almarde, Bein, and...who are those other people?

Er...uh...I guess we'll find out, next time!