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Part 28: Rodolfo's Manor

Music: Lord of Pawns

Okay, time to explore Rodolfo's manor. There are four rooms on this floor, and staircases leading up on either end. Rodolfo's office is up the staircase on the left, but...

Hey, I remember a contraption like this form BKEWLO. Sadly, we can't just push some buttons on this thing, we need to find a way to disrupt the machines' senses. Let's try the right stairwell and see what it has to offer.

The right staircase leads to the kitchen, and a further staircase leads up to the roof. Talking to this guy gives Sagi the idea for smoke, but this smoke just isn't good enough. He suggests that we should double back to the kitchen and see if there's enough there.

The gentleman here mentions that the cleaning crew uses this billowsmoke stuff, but all of the servants are locked up in one of the rooms below...but that room is right under us, and there's a hearth we could remove to get down there. He gives us permission to fiddle with it, so Guillo blows it to smithereens

No, really. The actual exploding part isn't shown, but we see enough to know that's what happened.

In my play-ahead file, I got a really cool dagger for Sagi form this woman. It was dark based, had 99 attack power, but had a mere 5 durability and came with an effect where it autokills Sagi when the dagger breaks. Not the sort of thing I'd ever use, but it's a cool idea. Sadly, I couldn't get her to offer it for trade again. I know this robe was one of the things I offered her for it, but she just refused to show it again.

Oh well, this is a pretty good upgrade, too.

Speaking of instant death, check this thing out. I'll have to try this out sometime and make a nasty monster look like a chump.

This man informs us that the billowsmoke is in another locked room. But fear not!

And just like that, we've got some billowsmoke!

I should mention that you can't do these steps out of order. You need to examine the statues, talk to the man on the roof, talk to the man in the kitchen, talk to the cleaning guy, and then examine the billowsmoke crate. Sagi refuses to take the billowsmoke until he knows what it is and why he needs it.

Wow, that is really localized smoke. Fortunately, it keeps the statues from noticing us, so we can head on through.

Video: Giacomo is losing it

Him again?!

Heh heh...Ha ha ha ha ha...Aha hah hah hah hah! Oh, I'm sorry. The irony of it all is killing me! Just when I thought my career was finished, I look over at the stairs – aha ha ha, and it's YOU!

Are you obsessed? A koa monkey in heat wouldn't be this clingy.

Say what you will. But you're my ticket back to the Empire, Sagi. And every good ticket has to get punched!

That's...seriously the one-liner you're going with?...

Music: Chaotic Dance 2

Anyway, it's time for round three against our good friend Giacomo. As before, he has two buddies backing him up, and taking them out should be your top priority – they can inflict stun and can deal about 300 damage with their better attack strings. Fortunately they are still generic enemies and have the HP to match, so killing them off isn't too hard.

Giacomo himself is capable of boosting his whole team's defense, but I never noticed it making much of a difference.

So, uh...I'm out of stuff to say about Giacomo boss fights. Besides the defense boosting thing, this is really just a slightly harder version of the Diadem fight. Don't get me wrong, he's still tough to beat and even managed to beat me on my first attempt this run, but there's just not a whole lot to say that hasn't been said already.

Well, there is one last thing.

He managed to kill Guillo right as I queued up an attack from Milly that wound up killing him. So Guillo misssed out on delicious Boss EXP and is now a level behind.

(also, note that Giacomo's attack string – admittedly his nastiest – did 1136 damage to Guillo. Good lord.)

Is it because you're a spiriter? It can't be...Power...I want power!!! Overwhelming strength beyond that of any man! I'd give everything I have...for that...

Giacomo passes out.

Yeah. He drives himself over the edge just to find some kind of purpose. You know, maybe I don't feel bad. Maybe I envy him.

Sagi, this isn't what we're here for.

Ready to go?

Music: Lord of Pawns

Calm down, we're not going to eat you.

Master Rodolfo, let's start over. My name is Sagi. I'm here on Quaestor Verus's business.

The quaestor? Prove it!

You can speak with him yourself using this communicator.

Give me that!

As a cute little touch, Rodolfo makes a little startled jump when he gets the communicator working. He and Verus have a conversation we can't hear...

You don't have to apologize. Just tell us why you're helping the Empire with promachination.

I think you're getting ahead of yourself. I have no intention of helping them.

What do you mean?

All I want is their gold. I plan to milk the Empire for as much money as I can.

What a noble thing to say.

Yeah, I know it sounds selfish.

”All right”, nothing, this place is great! I'd live here.


Our chief products are pows and mountain apples. Not exactly the land of the future, my friend. We've got a lot of catching up to do, and you know it. What's worse, we don't even have a leader. Someone's gotta stand up and show people here the road to a better life.

Good speech. That must be why you leapt at the idea of promachination.

You've got it backwards. I'm trying to take leadership BEFORE some other nation dumps their ideas on us. I may not dress the part, but I was born and raised in Sadal Suud. I'm not about to hand it over to the Empire. Once they fatten my wallet, they can pack up their, uh, promiscuation and haul it on outta here.

I have no idea what this guy's real intentions are at this point.

Yeah...Master Rodolfo, I still don't know if we can trust you.

You don't have to trust me. After all, it's just as true that I want the lordship so I can pamper myself silly! Hahahaha!

The door opens behind us.

Very disappointing, Rodolfo. I thought you were more clever than that.

If you heard all that, I guess there's no talking my way out of it. Here's how it is: I'm not lettin' you tinker with Sadal Suud. This is my land to defend!

Howl all you want, but you're not leader material. Power corrupts people like you.


If you're done with the pretenses, then so am I. Promachination's ready to go, with or without your approval. Sagi, come to Nunki Valley. I know you won't want to miss this.

And with that, Heughes walks out and the cutscene ends. I guess I should have figured that Rodolfo would be irrelevant in the scheme of things.

Hey, didn't I just get one of these in a trade?

There's nothing left to do in Rodolfo's manor. Let's head to Nunki Valley. Actually, before that, let's run by the shop again.

From Gena

Dear Sagi, How are you doing? Are you getting along with Milliarde all right? I worry sometimes that you still don't understand girls too well. You're on a hard journey, mister. Don't you and Guillo go charging off at your own pace. Before you race ahead, make sure you take the time to look back and let her know you're there. Love, Mom.

From Tik

HeLLo Sagi Tik WacHu Gena MiLLy GuiLLo gUIllO GuiLLogUIllogUillo

Dear Sagi, It's Mom again. Tik has learned to write quite a bit of the alphabet now. He seems to like Guillo's name best.

As do I.

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled trip to Nunki Valley.

Quaestor! Promachination in Sadal Suud is under way!

What about Rodolfo?

Rodolfo opposes promachination, but Heughes pushed forward against his wishes.

Can you stop him by force?

We'll try, sir. But he's likely to bring out a machina arma. I don't think we can stop him if he does. Quaestor, can you send us any backup?

Baelheit has a lot of pull, even in the army. I can't make things happen the way I used to. This is an embarrassing thing for the head of military affairs to say...but right now, you're all I can count on.

I understand. We'll do our best, sir.

...Thank you.

I definitely don't like where this is going.


Decision Time!

We're totally outclassed but let's fight anyway!

> Let's get 'em!

> No, we need to get away!