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Part 43: Where the Arcs Split

Well, I suppose we'd better go check on Gena. But I wonder if Geldoblame and Verus have anything to say about recent events?

Hello? Verus? Are you there?

Huh. Looks like they aren't home. Oh well, the greythorne is better company anyway.

Music Ancient Homeland

Video Returning Home

He's home!! Sagi's home!!!

How is she?!

The group runs off to the beds, where a doctor stands over Gena.

Doc: Hrmmm...

Don't worry! She's gonna be fine. Tik and I have been watchin' her real close. Right, Tik?

Yup, real close.

But Gena's been sleepin' like a log this whole time. Right, Tik?

Yuh-huh, like a log...

Doctor, will she-


Ooh! She's up! She musta known you were home, Sagi!

They took my wings away, but I'm awake, aren't I? That means my heart's still here.


Oh, turn that frown upside down. You know your mom's heart is ten times stronger than most. With a little rest, I'll be back to my old self in no time. Besides, I have to get my wings back. Otherwise how am I going to cheer you up when you cry?

All right, Mom. All right. Just, please get some rest.

OK, mister...

Whoa! Out like a light.

No small wonder. They pulled out her wings, Wacho. It must be a struggle for her just to sit up and talk.

Doc: ...That's right. Sagi, Gena is in extremely poor condition. I've been a doctor for a long time, but I've never seen a patient like this. What a ghastly thing, to lose one's wings of the heart.

What should I do?! Isn't there some way to help her?!

Doc: I don't know. TO be honest, I've done all I can. There's nothing wrong with her body – but she still won't come around. She didn't show any sign of waking until you came home. Her love for you must have been enough to pull her out of whatever place she's in now.

Milly walks over to Sagi and wraps her arm around his. I thought that was an oddly touching moment.

Poor Gena...

I...I want to look for a way to make Mom better. I know we have to stop Baelheit. But I can't just leave her. Not like this.

Do you have any ideas?

Yeah. Mom won't wake up because she lost her wings of the heart. So...if we found something that could reach her heart, I think she'd get better. I don't know what that might be...But I'll find it, even if that means scouring the whole world. I have to!

The whole world...Well, that's not so big, really. With the two of us looking, how long could it possibly take? I'm with you, Sagi.

So am I. After all, I wouldn't feel right leaving everything to a mama's boy and his dingbat puppet.

Thanks. But don't you both have places you want to go?

Well, actually...I do. We never did get a chance to talk. I still haven't told you the whole truth about me. No matter what else happens, I want you to hear me out.

I'll tell you everything there.

In that case...I have a place in mind, too. Duhr – the homeland of the Children of the Earth.

I want to know what I am. Why I was made. I might find some answers there.

All right, then let's figure out where we're gonna go first.

With the heap of stuff you gotta do, aren't you gonna lose track of it all?

Aren't ya?

Well, that's why I was smart and jotted it all down for you!

Yeah, smart and jotted it down!

If you're ever stuck about what to do next, you just come to me and talk to me, OK?

Talk, OK?

One more thing! I know you got your hands full, I'll let you know if we hear anything about what's goin' on in the world.

Our ears are peeled!

If you want the info, all you gotta do is ask!

OK, guys. You'll be the first ones we come to if we run into trouble.

We're on it!

'Ron it!

Oh, boy. Looks like we've got our list of assorted shit to do before the final dungeon! For now, let's stick with the three main character arcs. We can move on to the other stuff once that's done.

It looks like we're done in town, but before we leave...

Doc: Sagi! Wait just a moment!

What?! Really?!

Doc: Yes. Although...this is probably our last hope.

Tell me! I'll do whatever it takes!

Doc: There's a herb known as “heartenbrace”. In ancient times it was a staple of the gods. It's said that by partaking of the herb, the gods were able to make their hearts stronger. If we had a sprig of heartenbrace, perhaps Gena would be able to recover the strength of her heart.

Where can we find it? This “heartenbrace”?

Doc: That's the problem. Heartenbrace supposedly grew wild in the highlands of Matar. But Matar was defiled during the War of the Gods, and heartenbrace is said to have gone extinct.

Then what am I supposed to do?!

Doc I'm sorry...I'm afraid I don't have the answer to that. But there might still be someplace in the world where heartenbrace grows. For Gena's sake, I hope you can find it.

Seriously, that's the least helpful information I've ever-

Don't be silly, Guillo. You wonder why I call you a dingbat all the time.

Excuse me?

He said the people of ancient times used to live on heartenbrace, right? Then all we have to do is go back to ancient times. Meemai, you can help us with that, right?

How can he do that?

It wouldn't be the first time your memories have poured into our hearts. Except before, it would only happen when an afterling was killed. This time we'll do it differently. This time YOU have to remember...and send our hearts into the past yourself.

Can he do that?

That's up to him. Is there anything around that might help him remember the past? Something that's been around since ancient times.

The Brierclock!

Perfect! Let's go there now!

Well, it looks like we've got a lead on how to help Gena! But we still have to decide what we want to tackle first.

Anyway, that's all for the “main” update, but there's a bunch of other stuff I want to catch up on, too. Let's do that now. Let's start with the beginning of a truly wonderful sidequest...

Greythorne Fan: There's no need to be shy about it. My research has you curious, right? The study of the unusual power the greythornes possess...My study is completed at long last. So? Are you curious? You're curious.

Greythorne Fan: Darn tootin'! Sagi cares! I could tell from the start. Very well, then. Let me explain my research to you. Listen close, now. I came across something wondrous while examining those greythornes I love so much. These amazing little creatures can link their hearts with those of human beings. The linked human's heart transfers to the greythorne, and vice versa. The two hearts literally trade bodies. I've termed this phenomenon the heart link. Haven't you ever come across a greythorne that seems to pierce your very soul with its gaze? Those are the ones who possess this amazing ability. Here, take this and see for yourself. If you spot a greythorne somewhere, try dousing them with salty water. That will initiate the body swap. Ooh, this is exciting. Ho ho ho.

That's right.

We have obtained the power to become a greythorne.


Make waves like the Celestial River! Explode onto the scene like hot magma from the Lava Caves! We here at MONOLITH SOFTWARE INC. are looking for new creative staff! See our website for details.

Sagi, this would be great for you! I think it's a much better fit that then Dark Service, at least.

Hmm...I don't think anyone would be very happy if I exploded like hot magma...

MIRA, City of Illusion

MYSTERY: Island in the Mists! Limited time offer! See the sights of Mira, City of Illusion (day trip). See the Trail of Souls (from inside the bus), then snack in the confectionary village of Parnasse. Dress in costume and meet with clairvoyants in Reverence, the picture book village. Witness a guardian spirit's descend at Nekton, Shrine of the Spirits. For more information, contact the Mira Sightseeing Society. The Society is not liable for any cancellations due to weather or outer-dimensional conditions

From Geldoblame

Sagi, Did the room I had prepared for you suit your liking? I apologize if the interior design isn't up to civilized standards. Regretfully, I had little to do with it. Oh, yes. Would you promise me just one thing? Never, ever look in the bookshelf near the bed. Don't even think about it. Geldoblame Aide to Quaestor Verus.

Too late...I already found your Verus Scrapbook.

From Geldoblame

Sagi, I have a favor to ask of you. It seems there's been some sort of trouble at Dark Service Headquarters. They may be Baelheit's private forces, but he seems too busy with recent events to act. Surely you understand the crucial role the Dark Service plays in the Empire. Would you mind taking a look before the situation escalates? I'd like you to consider this a personal request from me, and not mention it to the quaestor. Report to the soldier posted outside of Quaestor Verus's office when your investigation is complete. I leave things in your capable hands. Geldoblame Aide to Quaestor Verus.

And this brings up yet another major sidequest. We'll get around to this one eventually.

Sender Unknown

Now I'm all alone. I have to get stronger. Stronger...Stronger...Stronger than anyone.

All alone? Stronger? I wonder who keeps sending these...

I...have a feeling I can guess...

I thought killing Shanath directly or leaving him to bleed out would make a difference, but it doesn't. This letter is the same either way. Maybe it affects a later one?

Neutrality? It has a nice ring, but all it boils down to is selfishness. See if she sings the same tune when the Machina Vanguard invades. Corellia's convictions won't be swayed, Sagi. Let's put this land of “peace” behind us.

We're heading back to see Queen Corellia again and petition for help repairing the Sfida. You're daft if you think I'll just sit here until the quaestor gets back! I'm familiar with Anuenue from past visits, and I'm certain Queen Corellia is kind at heart. She'll lend us her wisdom, I just know it.

What a shame Queen Corellia was away. But it's just as the guardsman said. We couldn't go asking her to fix a ship made of machina. But wait! What about that Lolo person who made the toy we saw! She's probably a nice old lady. The artisan type, you know?

Who does that Lolo tramp think she is?! You can't rely on people like her, trust me. Sagi doesn't seem to realize, but the Celestial Tree is the symbol of this entire nation! And she wants to use it for parts? She's insane! It doesn't matter if we ask a Celestial Tree Keeper or Queen Corellia, we're only going to get yelled at. Let's just forget this and have some tea in Komo Mai.

So, the Machina Vanguard has come to Anuenue as well. I say we leave them and their “neutrality” to their own devices. But no, Sagi says we're going. I suppose we may as well have a look at those Celestial Tree Veinroots, then.

Shanath! Valara!! We could have spared its life! And now I'm in this place again. And it's no dream. Definitely not a dream...

The Dark Brethren's power...And they said “Malpercio”! THEY'RE Malpercio?! That means this is the age of the gods, 1000 hears ago...I wish I knew how we got sent back to a place like this. But it doesn't matter. We still have to stop them. They're off to fight the War of the Gods!

I'm worried about Sagi. And you too, Meemai. I don't understand the dingbat's attitude! Honestly. Acting a little nicer couldn't hurt. Grow a heart, Guillo. In any case, we ought to get some fell-branches from Queen Corellia and head back to Alfard.

It's not my place to meddle in Sagi and Meemai's relationship. This is something they have to settle themselves. Repairing the Sfida is of greater import. I believe we're supposed to give those Celestial Tree fell-branches to the gadgeteer girl.

Thank you, Guillo. You too, Milly. I've seen the world. I've seen what I have to do. And that's stop promachination. ...Meemai. You're coming, too.

What Shanath said about the malideiters...They put the afterlings inside people? They never told me that...What am I supposed to do?

Dear Meemai, it never mattered to me if you were a guardian spirit or not. Just that I knew who you are. And now I do. I know that you're really here – and you should know that I'm always with you, too. My story is your story. So promise you'll write it with me.


Decision Time!

Which arc should we tackle first?

Let's travel to the past and save my mom!

Let's go to Duhr and figure out what I am.

Let's go to Nekkar and hear about my real story!