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Part 49: Nature Versus Machinery

We have another major(ish) sidequest to do today. Remember how we got a letter from Geldoblame asking us to check out Dark Service HQ because something bad was happening there but nobody really cares enough to go check it out? It's time to do that.

Music: Into the Spiral Tension

Unfortunately, this sidequest is not very interesting. There isn't even a single line of voiced dialogue throughout the entire thing. That said, there is one semi-worthwhile plot reason to come here, so I'm going to paraphrase until we get there.

A paramachina and some soldiers come out. The paramachina is spookily quiet, and the men attack

There are exactly two enemy types here; generic soldiers and generic paramachina. We're going to be seeing a LOT of the latter.

It looks like the paramachina have rebelled and now control the soldiers! This guy tries to stand up to them and gets killed.

This guy talks a ton, but this is pretty much the only important bit of plot he has. It's a classic “man makes machine smarter and more powerful than man and machine tries to take over” kind of situation. Fortunately, it looks like we can cut this off early before we reach dystopia.

As for gameplay, the man informs us that the paramachina boss is in the locker room, installing more chips in the other paramachina to create a too smart, too powerful machina army. Unfortunately, it has locked itself inside the locker room, and we need a four digit passcode to get inside. The four digits of the passcode are in each of the four other rooms throughout HQ.

Now, then, the worthwhile part occurs when we move on to the lower level of the complex...

It's Savyna!

That girl...I'm sure she was the one with Shanath...

You're right. Savyna, I think it was. What is she doing in a place like this?!

More importantly, how is she not dead in a place like this?

Is she alone here at the Dark Service headquarters? And at a time like this?!

She's in danger. Let's go after her.

Savyna runs off into one of the other rooms...

Ah! Look there, it's that child!

What in the world could she be doing down here?

She's in danger! We've got to-!!

There's no time! We'll never make it!

Of course, what's a problem for Sagi and Milly is no trouble at all for Guillo.

Just never forget. Death will never be far from your side for as long as you walk it. The risk of your own death, and the death of all those you come into contact with is always there.

Guillo! I can't believe you'd say something like that to a child!

I wouldn't, if she really were a child. This girl came here of her own volition. She's responsible for her own fate – that's why I said what I did.

Ugh! I don't understand you at all, you crazy dingbat!

Well, that was an odd little scene. I'm not really sure where Guillo came up with that death death deathy death message, but I guess I can't fault it for accuracy.

We can talk to Savyna again...

It's dangerous here. Come follow us, and we'll take you out of here.


...Is she planning on staying here?

I'm sure she had some intentions of her own, coming to a place like this. Let's leave her to them.

Well, let's leave Savyna alone, and leave the only interesting part of this sidequest behind with her. Now that we've got the code, let's get to the locker room.

There isn't really a boss fight here. Instead, the game just throws four sets of the same fight at us.

It's still fun because the battle system is good, but I have to say this sidequest is a little lacking in imagination. Oh well, it gave me plenty of time to practice some multi-target EX Combos with Guillo.

To finish the sidequest, we have to report to this guy. He, too, fails to say anything of note, and hands us our reward.

...I really need to start using Auras again. I've been collecting these Talismans all game and still never go and get the payoff.

While I'm in Alfard, let's set up another major sidequest.

I didn't realize until recently (while looking into the Greythorne quest) that we can do this – and in fact need to do this for said quest...

...But we can rat Lyuvann and Almarde's affair out to his wife. In front of their children, no less.

I'm truly indebted to you. I...I need you.


It's all right, Almarde. Forgive me...Please accept my apology...And my love.

I do! I love you, too!

Oh, Almarde...

I wonder if we're doing the right thing here?...

Since this update is kind of short and bland, I thought I'd spice it up a little by chronicling my adventures in weapon upgrading. Let's see if I can create that Excalibur weapon from the Arondite I got last update, hmm? The GFAQs say I need a Celestial Tree to perform that upgrade. Okay, that doesn't sound too hard. I wonder where I can find one?

Magnus Location Guide (by Sister) posted:

Celestial Tree - mix Celestial Flower + Celestial Tree Fell-Branch + Dark, Lightning, Ice, Fire, Holy Dagroots + Rainbow

...Uh...okay, well I know where MOST of that stuff is, but how do I find a flo-

Magnus Location Guide (by Sister) posted:

Celestial Flower - mix Mother Sunshine + Celestial Flower Bud + Fresh Air + Fresh Air

I'm feeling a little over my head h-

Magnus Location Guide (by Sister) posted:

Celestial Flower Bud - mix Celestial Flower Seed + Freezing Rain + Fresh Air

Music: Temple of Celestial Flowers

So, like any good plant, this all starts with a seed.

One dose of Fresh Air, also found in Corellia's palace...

And a quick trip to Naos of the Age of the Gods to grab some really cold water.

And a few battles later, we have a Celestial Flower Bud!

Now to add some sunshine...

...and a couple more doses of fresh air...

All right, we've finished the easy part. Now, then, how to turn this into a tree?

We'll need one of each type of dagroot, as well as another fell-branch.

First, combine the fell-branch and the flower...

Then add the roots. I'm not sure if the order matters, but I followed the guide's listed order (dark, lightning, ice, fire, holy).

Throw in a Rainbow, and...


...So anyway, this took about two hours to do (remember, I have to do one to three battles in between every ingredient I mix/add). It's no wonder Corellia's so cranky; she has to do this every time the Celestial Tree is in danger of wilting away. That said, it was oddly fulfilling to finally do this.

That said, I can't find a shop that can upgrade Arondite for me. So it looks like I'm going to have to hurry on with the plot to open up the final time!


Decision Time!

Can you bring yourself to fight and possibly kill Milly's dad?


> You can do it!

> That's gonna be pretty tough.