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Original Thread: A Serious House On Serious Earth. Let's Play Batman: Arkham Asylum



Superhero games kinda mostly suck, don't they? Don't get me wrong, there's been a few good ones here and there, but for the most part, superhero video games, especially licensed superhero video games, get the short end of the stick. Nobody really seemed to know how to work with the various powers they have, which is honestly baffling since video games are basically the perfect medium to play superhero, since pretty much every tabletop superhero game sucks.

However, in 2009, Rocksteady studios, previously known for its work on Urban Chaos: Riot Response, released this brilliant gem of a game. Batman: Arkham Asylum is one of my favorite games spawned into a franchise ever. In it you really feel like Batman. Every punch, every bone broken, every thug terrified at the prospect of fighting you alone... I can't say that it's perfect, as the sequels also done by Rocksteady are better, but it certainly spawned quite an excellent series. Action games are beginning more and more to try and copy the Arkham series combat, but none have gotten it down quite as well as Rocksteady has.

The Arkham games are largely split up into two different styles of play: Combat and predator. Combat play makes up the majority of the game, with Batman beating down foes with not only his fists but various gadets, like batarangs. However, since Batman is but a regular man in a very expensive suit, guns hurt. A lot. This is where the predator stuff gets its time to shine. Batman sticks to the shadows, sneaking around and, either quietly or very loudly, takes out mooks one by one in order to avoid becoming very rich swiss cheese.

With me as always is Ape, who has played the game before but hasn't done so in years, and Heave, who has never seen anything Arkham related ever. Now, I'm usually the grand prize winner of the Not Very Good At Video Games competition, but I'm actually pretty good at Arkham Asylum. As a result, you're going to see a skilled, 100% playthrough of the game. I will be getting every collectable, doing every challenge map, and seeing damn near every easter egg. I'm glad I'm finally getting to this one.


Episode 1: Ha-Ha-Hacienda ... Uncut ... Cut
Episode 2: Your Intellectual Superior ... Uncut ... Cut
Episode 3: Thug, Murderer, and Kindergarten Teacher ... Uncut ... Cut
Episode 4: It's A Trap ... Uncut ... Cut
Episode 5: You're In My World, Now ... Uncut ... Cut
Episode 6: I'm Pretty Close To Perfect, Aren't I? ... Uncut ... Cut
Episode 7: Kook and Granny ... Uncut ... Cut
Episode 8: Why'd He Do It, Officer? ... Uncut ... Cut
Episode 9: She's A Good Kid ... Uncut ... Cut
Episode 10: At This Rate, You'll Never Catch Me! ... Uncut ... Cut
Episode 11: Let Me Show You What I've Cooked Up ... Uncut ... Cut
Episode 12: What... Are You?! ... Uncut ... Cut
Episode 13: I'll Rip You Like Paper ... Uncut ... Cut
Episode 14: I'll Make the Salad ... Uncut ... Cut
Episode 15: The Party ... Uncut ... Cut

Bonus Videos

Bonus 1: Riddle Me This
Bonus 2: I Am Vengence (Standard Challenge Maps)
Bonus 3: I Am The Night (Extreme Challenge Maps)
Bonus 4: I Am Batman (DLC Challenge Maps)
Bonus 5: A Dance With The Devil In The Pale Moonlight (Joker Challenge Maps)

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