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Part 12: Episode 11.5: Mayor Sharp, Come On Down!

Episode 11.5: Mayor Sharp, Come On Down!

I feel bad calling this a full episode. There is story to be had, a new enemy type that I seemingly can't fight and the introduction of a new sidequest as well as a few more for Zasz and the Riddler's first challenge room (apparently he's a big fan of the Saw movies).

It's a busy episode, but it does precious little to advance the plot so I'm calling it a half episode. For the most part it exists as a series of clips from other recordings which seemed like a good idea at the time, but in the future if I go after a phone call or a Deadshot victim or something along those lines I'll be putting it at the end of the episode so we won't see more like this.

Believe it or not we are about halfway through the story with this episode if you don't count the Catwoman stuff (which you should because it is a thing). I was sort of surprised to realize just how far we were in the game because I'm having a great time and could swear that the first time I played this it took waaaaaayyyy longer to get to this point. We've got, hands down, the best boss fight in the game coming up in the next update, so be on the lookout for that.