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Battalion Wars

by Ephraim225

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Original Thread: War is a contact sport, gentlemen! Let's Play Battalion Wars!



Battalion Wars is a third-person shooter/real-time strategy game developed by Kuju Entertainment in 2005 for the Nintendo Gamecube. Kuju isn't really known for anything other than Geometry Wars for the Wii, so you might not expect this game to be anything special, but it's clear that they were putting a lot of effort into it. Battalion Wars is a spin-off of Advance Wars, as its working title "Advance Wars: Under Fire" would suggest - it even shares the "Famicom Wars" name in Japan, and considering how lighthearted the game's take on war is...yep, it's Advance Wars alright! Kuju put a lot of effort into this game, and it shows, as this game is a bit of a cult hit, but it wasn't popular enough to be a long-running subseries in the end. (Do people even play AW anymore anyways?)

Battalion Wars puts a spin on the usual RTS gameplay by allowing you to directly control one of your units while the AI controls the rest. The player can also take control of any other unit at any time if they don't trust the AI with it. The AI is actually sort of good most of the time, though it has its moments of both sheer brilliance and complete stupidity. Unlike an RTS, however, you can't choose the types of units you get in each level, and you only have a finite number of them. While players can live with that, it also leads to each level being played in more or less the same way every time, but I do still find ways to make things interesting.

For this Let's Play I will be silent during cutscenes, and voice acting will be turned off during gameplay. I'm not a huge fan of the voice acting in this game, so I figure the cutscenes are enough for you to decide whether you care or not.

Battalion Wars 1
Part 1: Hey guys, ammo dumps are dangerous mkay?
Part 2: Does it have to be so cold?
Part 3: Rifle beats Bazooka beats Missile beats everything...wait a minute.
Part 4: Still haven't noticed I'm a girl?
Bonus: I'm going to lose my rank over this aren't I.
Part 6: Your promotion is imminent, Kommander!
Part 7: Xylvania shall (not) prevail! It is our destiny!
Part 8: She who averts conflict altogether (by letting her men get captured)
Part 9: Send in MORE BOMBERS! MORE!!!
Part 10: Ingrid, must I point out to you that the Frontier is approaching the Northeastern island with a Bomber?!
Part 11: Arise, fallen ones! Xylvania has need of your might again!
Part 12: If you want peace, you must be prepared for war.

Battalion Wars 2
Part 1: The Anglo are coming!
Part 2: A matter of name-dropping every level name at least once
Part 3: That will teach them to pitch tents on our wonderful lands!
Part 4 - What do you mean, comrade? I am merely sending turnip juice to my troops on the front line!
Part 5: We are Enemies Undone...for now.
Part 6: You're a sneaky blighter!
Part 7: The hardest level in the game...I mean that both in jest AND seriously.
Part 8: A thorn in my IRON PLATED SIDE
Part 9: Trepassers! Legion...ATTACK!
Part 10: Saving Private Hazard
Part 11: Destruction shall rain upon us all!

Multiplayer Part 1: Resorting To Recycled Level Ideas
Multiplayer Part 2: How about we catch up over a glass of Turnip Juice?
Multiplayer Part 3: Maybe this disagreement can be solved without resorting to violence...
Multiplayer Part 4: What is the meaning of this, commander?!
Multiplayer Part 5: I sense a Legion Purple Heart will soon adorn your uniform!
Multiplayer Part 6: Eight Minutes of Nothing Happening
Multiplayer Part 7: My commander attempts to quit the battlefield?! THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!
Multiplayer Part 8: Battlestations, everybody!

Bonus Video: Mod Showcase
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