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Part 14: CRA #2 - I am so sorry to my commentators

The Chinese continue their light skirmishes with the Russian battalions present on Ganymede. They discover the CCA hoarding scrap in advanced Silos and send the Major in to investigate. As he inspects the well-defended silo, his cooling system suffers a malfunction and he is forced to eject, at the same time the Russians are launching a major strike against the Chinese portal some distance away. He is able to get back to the portal and retreat to Elysium.

However, he is held responsible for the failure and disaster on Ganymede. The loss of a Factory and control of that portal. He is demoted to a lowly Scavenger pilot but soon finds himself in the hotseat once again as the Russians make off with a Chinese fighter and establish themselves on Elysium. He holds the main base and fights off Russian artillery, laying waste to an entire army.

In the counter-attack, the Major finds himself at one of many Russian bases on Elysium, and one of many pieces in play to fully eliminate CCA presence from the dead paradise. Against a base utilizing the CRA's own units, advanced power supplies, and powerful gun towers, the Major leaves it a smoking crater by day's end. His next assignment awaits him on Europa.

CRA-04 From Out of Nowhere What is the point of this damn beacon route

This is the campaign's only filler mission, a delightful breath above water before you get pulled down to the depths again. Fly to the nav beacons all the way to the entrance to the Russian's very well carved out crater base and inspect a silo, which will somehow tell us how much scrap they have or something. The CRA really didn't have a plan for this one at all, what were we even going to do? Of course they're stockpiling scrap, who wouldn't? The silo's description makes it sound all advanced and new but it's really nothing. It is 100% possible to just fly through the minefield your own way and be at the base in just 15 seconds, but the Chinese Campaign has a way of not only insulting you, kicking you while you're down, it has a way of being mind numbingly stupid at times. The mines are of no concern.

Once you inspect the silo your cloaking is disabled and you usually get shot to shit and you will probably die if you don't try to get up the mountain ASAP. There is a hidden timer for you to get back to the portal but you'll get shot long before you hope to wait that out.

CRA-05 Dire Straits It's like Protection but somehow better and worse in specific ways...

Combat Fatigue The Mission is pretty apt, but not as much as it is for the final CRA mission.

You are required to scavenge a few pieces of scrap for the mission triggers to kick in where the four fighters come and mock you then get ambushed. It's best to collect all scrap before moving on otherwise the Scavengers you build later will fly all the way out away from the base to do it and you will be lacking for base defense, which as you will see throughout this mission, matters. Very much. Like every other base defense, and fortunately in this case and the next, you have good terrain for establishing gun towers. What you should do is make sure to ring the front left and right of your base with 3 towers on each side and maybe get some turrets to seal the deal. You still have to be on top of 'getting aggro' for each wave and giving them all a chance to shoot. You must also be aware that every minute and a half, a squad of 5-10 APC-level infantry will spawn in next to your power supplies and try to destroy them. You can only imagine how bad that would be especially at the onset of a new wave.

Later on, the commander man tells you about artillery shelling the area. Over the mission you do hear Day Wreckers going off, and you can in fact see the explosions getting closer and closer to your base, zeroing in. You have to know exactly where they spawn as soon as it happens and make sure you have a powerful squad nearby to crush them as they appear, otherwise if you take too long your base is instantly destroyed by a rapid sequence of day wrecking explosions. Then you fight off like 4 more enormous waves and you can finally see a win screen...

CRA-06 Out There Somewhere

SECOND VERSE SAME AS THE FIRST. You have to prepare for a huge attack wave made up of Chinese units the Russians are using, and then prepare for the long haul. It took at least 2 hours to get into position and find the timing to move all my production units to the outskirts of the Russian base you are commanded to destroy here. The smartest thing you can do, and the only thing you should do to preserve your sanity at this point, is drop a shitload of Day Wreckers on that base and have a full squad of Bombers or Tanks ready to clean up when you exhaust your scrap supply. This is not the worst, because it is not the final mission. This was practice for that mission and to prepare you for the deranged nightmare that is Mission 8, which will be in the next video.

Combat Fatigue is right.