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Beneath A Steel Sky

by Rocket Baby Dolls

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Original Thread: Naked people with extra parts! Let's Play Beneath A Steel Sky



What is this?

Beneath A Steel Sky is a point-and-click game set in a dystopian future, it was released in 1994 and developed by Revolution Software who later went on to creating the Broken Sword series. The game was a collaboration between Charles Cecil (developer and co-founder of Revolution Software) and Dave Gibbons (comic book legend whose credentials are far too many to list).

We play as Robert Foster, the sole survivor of a helicopter crash in an area known as "The Gap" as a child. A group of aboriginals found and raised him as one of their own. Many years later, Union City decides to "rescue" Robert and bring him home. Beneath A Steel Sky was critically acclaimed upon release, received high reviews all-round and has left a long legacy behind it.

Where To Find it and news on the upcoming sequel

As of 2003, Beneath A Steel Sky was made available as freeware by Revolution Software. Their own website directs you to GOG for downloading, so I will too: The freeware release utilises ScummVM and it is the version that I will be playing for this LP.

Rumours of a sequel have been floating around for a couple of decades or so. Both Cecil and Gibbons have stated several times that they would be interested in collaborating again for a sequel. An official announcement was made last year that not only was a sequel confirmed, but development was also well underway. The latest statement from Revolution Software reveals that the game is now almost complete. More information, as well as screenshots and a dev diary, can be found on their website:

There is a Steam store page for the game, as of now there is now release date. The developers seem to be fairly active in the Steam discussion forum for the game and have been answering questions here and there:

LP details

Attention: My ScummVM volume sliders were bugged and the volume was stuck at full blast for the first five videos. Thankfully, AbstractNapper was very helpful and found a solution that worked for the final three videos in this LP. Their solution can be found here:

This is going to be a VLP, I'll be doing commentary as I play. I aim to upload one video every Sunday. I'm going to aim for a midweek video if time allows with the extra editing.

I will upload a bonus video with some additional content. The dialogue tree is mostly linear but there are a few occasions where it branches. I will attempt to show off all the different ways that you can be killed in this game and I will also show the alternative ending to the game.

Let's Play: Beneath A Steel Sky

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