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Part 46: Thieves' Caste

Music - "Spies of Darkness"
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Chapter 41 - Thieves' Caste

Alright, let's see what's west, I guess.

Do you have my gem? … Yes, I know you have it… give it to me…

He tossed the gem to the ghost.

*mumble* *mumble* can never have anything nice *grumble* *grumble*
Yes, here it is.
Finally… after so long… it's back in the possession of the Thieves' Caste…
What is the Thieves' caste?
Ssshhh!!! Keep your voice down… nobody believes in us, because we dismissed the principles of honour… and we prefer it that way, for we *very much* exist… our base is quite near…
Where is your base?
Nobody can find it… the entrance is cleverly hidden behind a secret wall with a false door… we are cunning, oh yes!
"Raanaar do not lie. Raanaar are beings of honour and principle." What hypocrisy!

Yep, this opens onto a wall alright.
We should check around the nearby walls.

A brief search revealed that one of the walls was illusory.

Stairs going up and down? Where do these lead?
Let's try up first.

There aren't any exits from this room.
Amazing! The Thieves' Caste managed to steal an entire room of the Academy and no one noticed… idiots!

"About the Game" posted:

There are three locked cupboards/closets in this room. The key from the mirror guy opens one of them, and it contains a shield and a skill book for Scorpion, Explosive, and Trail bombs traps (which I've already learned by now.), and trap detection (worthless because after Act 1, there are very few traps around to detect

There's not much here. Maybe we should check the stairs going down.

No keyhole, and no lever on this side.

"About the Game" posted:

We'll have to open this from the other side. Visiting the other side is actually mandatory for the main quest, but we'll get to that later.

This key is badly damaged. If we try turning it in a lock, it'll likely snap.
That note mentioned something about a mirror which can duplicate keys... If we could find it…

Mort pulled a switch, but a few seconds later, it flipped back on its own.

Hmmm… you pull one switch, I'll pull the other.

When both switches were down at the same time, the door opened.

I'm going in. Wait here so you can let me out.
This looks like a trap, human.

The hatch in the floor was sealed. When Mort pulled the lever to open it, the door closed, and a trap did spring… but it was a dud.

Looking into the mirror is too painful… but on the back, a small key is engraved into the golden surface… this seems to indicate that you can only use certain keys on the mirror…

"About the Game" posted:

You can duplicate the key from earlier one to three times, your luck stat is again used to determine when the mirror breaks. But there really isn't anything interesting or valuable to be had, so no great loss.

One final room had a large well.

Hmmm… a note…

We've got more important things to worry about, human!

A nasty monster had emerged from the well.

Well, that should make the old imp happy!

VIDEO: Nixfix's memory

We killed the monster in the tunnels. You can rest easy.
Uh? Monster dead? You great hero! You maybe good enough for real great task? You find key to chest next room!
No reward? Ungrateful little creature!
And be careful in tunnels… big monster there…

I *don't* have a good feeling about those holes in the wall, human.

Even as he spoke, creatures crept out of the holes.

So… loud... your… steps… your… breath…

It… hurts… We… will… make… you… silent…
I wonder how they'd react to a musical instrument, something designed to make loud noise…

Mort retrieved the guitar from the Test of Faith and started playing a few chords - badly.

Nooo… this… pain… stop… noise…
What will you give me to stop the noise?
Pain… such… pain… Leave… and… we… give… you… amulet… But… stop… making… noise…

Then they screamed and fell over, dead.

If you had "played" that thing for a few more seconds, human, I might have joined them! No more mus-… well, no more of whatever *that* was from you!

Mort and D.K. took the stairs Taxlehix had directed them to.

There was only a teleporter in there, but thankfully it was operational.

They materialized into a storage room. A large hole was in the floor as well. Mort dropped a rope down it.

At last, we have reached the next floor. Now finally we can make progress!

The Map

These gates actually can't be opened without lockpicking skill, but since there isn't anything unique or special in there, there's no reason to spend points into lockpicking just for this.

The second battlefield key is found here. Honestly, I probably won't be doing many of these Battlefields. I have over 1000 traps, I don't need more, and I'm not likely to gain more than one or two levels. I'm uh… I'm getting a bit sick of the game at this point.

The rope actually leads right into Nixfix's quarters, even though that should mean that the initiate level has a big hole in it (which it doesn't). That is actually super-convenient, because we'll need to go back down there at least twice this level…

This level by the way, is known as the Summoning level, and the tests involve summoning things, which is perfectly safe. 42 will be a tour to show off most of the level, because the tests are long enough to require dedicated updates.

wdarkk posted:

Well, not having the main character speak isn't uncommon.

True. But for me, a silent protagonist implies that the protagonist has no discernable personality, and in Divinity 2 at least, that is definitely NOT the case.

I like the main character in Divinity 2 because you can choose your own dialogue, and you can say some really snarky (and sometimes nasty) things. Some of the "evil" conversation options are also really funny.

The character in Divine Divinity had a bit of snark on occasion, but the one in Beyond Divinity is just flat. Thank Chaos for D.K..

Keldulas posted:

Do you actually get insta-killed if you place the gems wrong?

Also it seems kind of perfunctionary, (and completely annoying) to basically have the game RNG you for the yellow gem.

No, actually, the door only unlocks if you place the gems correctly (and yes, you can add more than two gems, but that doesn't work either. Strangely, the door only opens once you try to leave the room.

Fishing for a yellow gem is a bit annoying. It's even worse if you think you need both and try to get a second gem.