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Part 57: Child of Chaos

Music: "Beyond Divinity"
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Chapter 51 - Child of Chaos

Mort and D.K. headed for the High Elder's office. When then entered though, they were greeted with a vision from the past.

VIDEO: Damian and Anlokar (You should probably watch this.)

Damian… there you are…
It doesn't work! I can't go home! Why?!
It still doesn't work for you?
You know why it's not working! Tell me!
Yes, I know the reason… but I can't do anything about it… see, I've talked with your father, Damian… I just returned from your home… Rivellon…
You spoke with that MURDERER? You're on his side, aren't you. You're turning against me like everyone else?!
No, no, I'm not betraying you… calm down, Damian…
I was right to send the imps to steal the crystal.
What are you saying, Damian? The imps…? The crystal…?
If you aren't going to help me get home, then the demons will!
You…? And the demons…? No, Damian, this can't be true… you can't do that… not after we took you in?
You only took me in to act as your prize outlander pet! You don't want me to go home! You want to keep me caged here forever!
Easy, Damian… put that sword down… stay back… think about this!
Shut up! I'm not listening to your lies any longer!
I… I supported you, I believed in you… don't do this to me… No, NOOOOOOOOO…!!!!

…Did you really think you could stop me, old man? What does your bitch Goddess do for you now? She is nothing… you are nothing… and soon this place will be nothing…

A door opened and someone walked in. It was Elder Anlokam.

What have you done, Damian?... You've… you've killed my father… Raan give me strength upon strength to face this evil… For this you will die!
You will never get me, witch…

Damian ran through the door, with Anlokam hot on his heels, and the images passed through Mort and D.K. and faded away.


The window was missing its glass, letting in the wind. Papers swirled around the room

But the ghost of the High Elder was still on the floor, and it was still "alive".

VIDEO: Anlokar's Last Words

Damian… are you still there? *cough, cough*
Yes, I am.
I'm sorry… Damian… your father explained to me… *cough* why you can't leave… *cough, cough* I told him… that he wasn't right to imprison you here… Give me your book of coordinates… I will write them down… the coordinates to Rivellon… hurry, I don't have much time…

Mort handed Anlokar the book of coordinates. Many new ones magically appeared in the book.

*Cough, cough* I understand that you… you were only frustrated… call the High Priestess… she can still heal me… and all will be forgiven…
Why do I need your forgiveness?
Foolish creature… someone strikes him down, and he wants to forgive them? … Wait, he's dead now… no better than such a weakling deserved. I would have damned him to the deepest pits of hell!

Let's go on and open a rift to Rivellon. We have all we need now… we're so close…

Mort studied the book, concentrated, and used the wand to open a rift.

Now to see if this entire exercise has been worthwhile…

VIDEO: Return to Rivellon (VERY IMPORTANT - Watch this one!)

Without hesitation they stepped through.

They emerged in a place where a spring chill still lingered in the air, and soft breezes blew through blue skies, free from volcanic smoke. There was grass underfoot, not hard-packed ash, and the trees were familiar. The call of familiar animals and birds filled the air.

It was home.

Finally, I am free. My thanks for your aid. You've helped me more than you can imagine.
What do you mean?

Something was wrong. It took Mort a second to figure it out.

You said that out loud. I thought you couldn't talk?!
Well, in fact, it was all the plan of my good old friend Asmodheus. Let me remove the bond between our souls, then I will explain…

D.K. walked around Mort reciting a spell, then suddenly, the pressure which had been in Mort's head ever since he woke up on his cell in the Citadel was gone. He was alone in his head again. D.K. then turned to face Mort, and removed his helmet.

I hope you recognize me, Servant of the Light. For I am Damian, the creature you call the Damned One.

It was *I* who killed the Raanaar High Elder, and it was *I* who persuaded the Imp Shaman to steal the crystal. And it was also *I* who led the army of Demons that conquered that world.

No… that's not possible…
I can sense that you're quite startled. We've come so far together you deserve an explanation, human.

Back in Rivellon your mentor, the Divine One, found me as a baby, helpless on the altar of the Demon of Lies.

But your mentor lacked the strength to finish me then and there as I would have done…

…and instead decided to raise me himself in the hope that his divine influence could quell my dark beginnings. … But when I finally found out about my heritage, I broke the chains of order that bound my spirit. Though I was not nearly strong enough, I opposed my adopted parent and yet again your mentor was not capable of killing me. Instead he found a punishment that was worse than death… imprisonment. … I was thrown into the world of Nemesis, and its borders were sealed. I could only be freed if the Divine One, or one of his followers, willingly led me out. In the beginning, I didn't know this of course, so I blamed the Raanaar for keeping me captive in their world. You see, it is the Divine One who is really to blame for the desolate situation of the Raanaar.

Mort finally found his voice again.

That's ridiculous, Damned One!
When the chaos magic from the shattered crystal threw you, a Paladin from the army of the Divine One, into the world of Nemesis, Asmodheus thought of an excellent plan that would allow me to escape. Forging my fate to yours would, in the end, allow you to lead me out of my prison.
I will correct this mistake at once. In the name of the Divine One, I will stop you!
Very well. Now is the time. We will see what you've learned, human.
MORT!!! My name is MORT, YOU BASTARD!!!!!

Damian put the helmet back on his head.