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by RealSovietBear

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Original Thread: Just a Bunch of 1s and 0s - Let's Play Binary Domain!



Binary Domain is a 2012 third-person shooter developed by Yakuza team (the developers behind the Yakuza series) and published by SEGA. It's a game that featured plenty of good ideas, like innovative AI, location-based damage on enemies, a trust system and even voice recognition. However, while it tried to pull off all of these things, it never feels like it took them far enough or executed them well enough. Reviews were generally in the 7/10 region, which for 2012 meant "Oh, just another Gears of War clone; avoid." Two months after release, the game only sold around 20,000 copies and slowly fell into obscurity.

These days though, the game has gained a kind of cult status amongst players. Despite all its faults, it showed lots of character, an intriguing story and proved to be more than "generic Gears/Mass Effect" clone.

What can I expect from this LP?

This LP will be played and narrated by me, and co-narrated by my friend Johnny. I've played through the game once fairly recently, so we won't be faffing about too much. Johnny is going in blind. The best ending is a bit hard to get without exploiting the ending, so the approach is "Whatever ending we get, we get," mostly because the majority of the game is more/less the same regardless what you do. I'll also try to get as many collectibles as I can, but it's not a priority during recording. We won't be using voice recognition because it doesn't like my accent.

How long is this game?

The game is six chapters long. Chapter lengths vary from 1 to 2 hours. We record each chapter in one go and then break it up at logical points (usually aiming for around the 30 minute mark).

Rated M for Racism

The violence in this game isn't that bad, the swearing is run of the mill, and there's racism/stereotypes everywhere.


No story spoilers whatsoever, not even in spoiler tags. You don't learn about the premise until halfway in the first chapter, so don't even spoil that. The only story-related spoilers will be in the post below, where I'll be posting character, enemy and weapon data unlockable in the game. The characters and story are probably the most interesting part of the game. Talks about mechanics/gameplay/Dan's stupid facial expressions are fine, as long as they don't spoil anything about the story (like comments about the trust system and its results).


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