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Original Thread: No Gods or Kings, Only Tea - Let's Play Bioshock Blind



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About the Game

Bioshock is a 2007 first person shooter game that was developed by 2K Boston Games. Set in the fictional underwater city of Rapture, Bioshock gained fame and critical acclaim for its immersive environment, responsive gameplay and philosophical underpinnings that weren’t considered common at the time.

Bioshock is widely considered to be one of the most influential games of all time, with many subsequent games taking cues from it in their incorporation of environmental storytelling as well as items such as audio logs to situate a player in the game world.

Over time Bioshock has generated enthusiastic discussion with some people claiming that more than a decade on, it does not hold up to the lofty praise it generated on its release, whilst others vehemently defend the game for having vision beyond its years.

What can be said is that few games can claim to have been studied as deeply as Bioshock and fewer still can claim to have directly influenced so many aspects of popular culture.

About The LP

My best friend and partner in crime Yorkshire Tea will be taking the helm for this video LP. He has never played Bioshock or its sequels and is going in almost as blind as is reasonably possible for a person in 2020.

I will have the pleasure of acting as co-pilot, pointing out interesting areas and hopefully guiding Tea along well enough to keep the LP going at a steady pace.

Art, so the title and episode cards, will be handled by the amazing Bifauxnen.

I personally am most interested in Tea’s reaction to certain ideas in the game around moral choice as well as important narrative shifts through the game in an attempt to answer the question of whether they do, in fact, hold up.

There are more questions and more ideas that I’ll want to explore as Tea plays further into the game, but for now, I think it’s best to get to the matter at hand.

Episodes will release on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 23:00 BST, 18:00 EST.



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