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Original Thread: This is harsh, evaluate us! The LP Challenge Thread



Bioshock is a game released back in 2007, early into the Xbox 360, Wii, and PS3 generation of gaming. Originally it only came out on the 360 and PC, but eventually a PS3 port was made. Originally a spiritual sequel to the System Shock games, it was mistakenly called a "FPS RPG" for a while, when there's not many RPG elements involved. It spawned a sequel and a spinoff of it's own, as well, but most people seem to think the original is the best of them all. It was fun, it was creative, it was smart, and it was dark. It was a hell of a ride, with plenty of twists and turns that'll keep you interested until the end. It was critically acclaimed, most people loving it's story, atmosphere, characters, and weapons.

Those last things though? We're not gonna look too much into them. This isn't a traditional LP of the game. A quite excellent one was already done by brainamp and can be found here. This LP was originally done for the Challenge thread, and my challenge is a simple, and relatively easy, one: I'm only allowed to use guns against the minibosses of the game, called Big Daddies. Every other enemy from the lowliest grunt to the final boss I'm only allowed to use magic science psychic bee powers or the game's melee weapon on. This sounds rough, but you'll see as I progress through the game that the wrench is easily one of the most powerful weapons in the game. I won't be listening to diaries, exploring much, or staring at setpieces and taking them in awe. I'm going to be running around and beating people to death with a tool. Don't worry though, I'll still shut up when the game is talking.

NOTE: From episode 7 on, the hosted version of Bioshock is higher quality and has a higher FPS than the youtube version.

NOTE2: Video 13's youtube mirror is blocked in some countries. Good thing the hosted version's better anyway, huh?!

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