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Part 35: Act V - This Is The End, Beautiful Friend

Act V - This Is The End, Beautiful Friend

Guzza’s dead... the governor is dead... Ray’s dog is dead... it’s time to finish this.

We’re going back down the sewers one more time, but at least Ray knows where to go now – the crashed moonbus out in the kipple.

This scene pretty much sums up what the latter parts of the game degenerates into – rats. Rats and giant rotating fans.

Welcome to the kipple.

Kipple in the book was a vague term to describe the entropic decay of society. Out here it’s just used to describe the radioactive debris on the outskirts of the city.

Interestingly, the Deckard in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep never had the whole Replicant identity crisis thing; he was undeniably a human. Instead, there’s more uncertainty as to whether Deckard was a ‘special’ or not. By the end of the book he seems pretty brain damaged from all the radiation he’s been exposed to.

Well, this is what happens when we chose to kill Guzza. Crystal turns on Ray, being convinced he’s a Rep.

Before you ask, there’s no way to avoid this. Not with the choices we’ve made.

Ray survives a shotgun blast point blank... could he be a Replicant after all?

Well, Ray can cover this up later as well, right?

Sadik’s the only one left out there, trying to fix the ship.

Clovis is in the moonbus, but there’s no way to get in there without dealing with Sadik first, which sets up our two big choices:

1) Do what Sadik says and find the reactor fuel.
2) Shoot his ass.

It could be the last decision of the game, so choose wisely!