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Part 6: Act I - Supercop McCoy

Act I - Supercop McCoy

Last we left off, our boy Ray McCoy here just shot a random street bum. In the back.

What to do, what to do.

Luisfe posted:

Holy shit. Hide the corpse!

evilwaldo posted:

Look for a big trash bag in the dumpster, stuff him in, and close the top.

Sounds good!

'Specials' were pretty much left out of the film, but the idea is basically that Earth was left an irradiated mess after the war. Most of the people were infertile and otherwise mutated due to the radiation - they were termed 'specials', given menial jobs, and not allowed to travel offworld. The radiation had bred an generation of retards, basically.

The few remaining normal men, like Deckard, had to wear lead codpieces to protect their sperm count:

I hate the fact that this thread has made me Google image search 'lead codpiece'.

Where were we... oh, right, we were chasing some skinjob posing as a sushi chef.

Only one way through here, so he must have gone this way.

Oops. He was hiding in the ceiling. Now we're trapped .

Pop Quiz

You're a Blade Runner chasing down a suspected NEXUS-6 Replicant. He gets the drop somehow, and comes at you in a dark corridor with a butcher knife. Do you:

1) Just point your gun at him and hope he rethinks it?
2) Pump four rounds through his chest?
3) Put away your gun?