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Blades of Time

by Iron Chitlin

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Original Thread: Someone bought this game for me: Let's play Blades of Time



It all began with the Super Meat Boy race thread

I was gifted this game anonymously based on my rather atrocious performance in the bonus races of that thread, so naturally my only option is to LP it!

What is Blades of Time?

Blades of Time is the Spiritual successor to X-Blades, an anime styled game made by Russians which no one played. Blades of Time ditches the anime aesthetic in favor of an admittedly unique take on time manipulation. The game generally received poor to average reviews, which, in spite of a few bright spots, is definitely earned.


Part 1. Talking to nobodyYouTube
Part 2. Now with more stripper heels!YouTube
Part 3. "Negotiations"YouTube
Part 4. I'm SorryYouTube
Part 5. A Small DetourYouTube
Part 6. The "Best" Level: Part 1YouTube
Part 7. The "Best" Level: Part 2YouTube
Part 8. The Game Is Falling ApartYouTube
Part 9. Transit to the FinaleYouTube
Part 10. The Final GoodbyeYouTube
Part DLC: The Dismal SwampYouTube

Fan Stuff

Melaneus gives us a sign that almost makes up for the fact that we came to Dragonland

Smite manages to sum up the game in a single gif

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