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Original Thread: Well, Isn't This Magical - Let's Play Blaze & Blade



Blaze & Blade is an action RPG set in the world of Mabressia. A dangerous world filled with all sorts of monsters and treasure.

In a long forgotten time, twelve Wisemen were summoning powerful Demons as slaves. The demons became too powerful and seized control of the magics, plunging the prosperous land into ruin. It is now simply known as "the Forbidden Land." Adventurers seek the treasures buried within these ruins, but are met with only death.

Four heroes set off to Foresia in search of boundless treasures; but upon discovering an ancient magic relic, they are thrust into an adventure filled with peril. They return frequently to the Inn, and with the assistance of many knowledgeable friends they seek to uncover the mysteries of the Ancient Twelve Wisemen.

This game is capable of up to four player action; with puzzles, combat and a unique leveling system. It was originally released on the PS-X in 1998 and later released for the PC, by L&E Soft. This is the only game in the series that was released outside Japan.

This game has 8 available classes to choose from, each with your choice of genders. All characters and a brief description of strengths and weaknesses are below.

Currently we have these characters in our arsenal:

Mayfee the Female Fairy
Steve the Sorceress
Burleigh the Dwarf
@ the Male Rogue
Gareid the Male Elf
Barn the Male Warrior
Temp the Priest
Widow the Huntress

This will be a full play-through, with much of the grinding and loading screens on the cutting room floor. I will keep as much combat as possible while keeping the updates relatively short.

I also want this LP to be as interactive as possible, meaning I want everyone to participate in every aspect possible. Starting with character creation!

If you're interested in joining in, please choose a class/gender/name and post it. I will go through and pick characters to create as we progress through the game. We can also select different characters to bring to each episode, depending on the group makeup. (I will NOT bring 4 Fairies.)

Other than that, it's open season and I hope everyone is excited and willing to participate!

Note: There is an 8 character limit for names!

The Intro Anime CinematicYouTube
Episode 1 - The Inn and The BoathouseYouTube
Episode 2 - FUCKING BEARSYouTube
Episode 3 - The One Where Skippy Stabs me - With guest commentary by Skippy Granola!YouTube
Episode 4 - Spelunking for DummiesYouTube
Episode 5 - How to Kill a DragonYouTube
Episode 8 - It's ChillyYouTube
Episode 9 - Harpies Are The Least of Our WorriesYouTube
Episode 10 - The Magical ElixierYouTube
Episode 11 - Hey, that thing hurls be back so far?YouTube
Episode 12 - Unto the Good StuffYouTube
Episode 13 - Tip Top of This Terrible TowerYouTube
Episode 14 - These Guys Brought it on ThemselvesYouTube
Episode 15 - Release the Kraken.... again!YouTube
Episode 16 - A-Maze-ingYouTube
Episode 17 - Oscar and the Fist PumpYouTube
Episode 18 - Episode 18 - What's with all the bottomless pits?YouTube
Episode 19 - Team BuffyYouTube
Episode 21 - Dem BonesYouTube
Episode 22 - What Would HappenYouTube
Episode 23 - Wind TunnelsYouTube
Episode 24 - FinaleYouTube

*Located in the Valley of the White Silver

*Located in the Ancient Ruins, I've got to remember to include this in the images.

*He's located in the Ruins on the Lake

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