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Part 4: Lesson 3.5 - Throw Teammate

Hmm, mini lesson time

Throw Team Mate is a skill that several Big Guys get. It allows them to throw specific players on their team, players who have a skill called Right Stuff. Right Stuff just means you can throw that player on a TTM, nothing more. Trolls have TTM, Goblins have Right Stuff.

When you throw a player, you aim for a square within a reduced passing grid range. So, rather than the 12(?) or 9 or whatever normal squares you can pass the ball, a thrown player can only go 6(or 5?) squares max. So, the Big Guy makes a couple rolls to try to pass the player, and if he succeeds the player gets picked up and chucked down the pitch. The goblin (or other thrown player) has to make an agility roll to try and land on their feet (more Tackle Zones make this roll more harder) and landing on a square occupied by a player bangs the goblin into that player, knocking them both down and turning the goblin into a makeshift projectile. However, this can also be used to let a goblin cover way more ground, assuming he lands upright. If he fails the agility roll he falls on his ass and has to roll armor.

Of course, the goblin being thrown can also be holding the ball. You can see how this could be advantageous. Instead of doing a series of pushes to score a 1 Turn Touchdown on the turn where you receive the ball, you could simply hand the ball off to a goblin standing next to a Troll, have the Troll throw the goblin, have the goblin land upright (falling over causes the ball to fall down in what is probably enemy territory and end your turn) and have him make a mad dash to the end zone.

Of course, the process of actually getting the Troll to cooperate is cumbersome at best and impossible at worst. To actually go through the action of throwing your goblin, you need to first make the Troll's normal Really Stupid roll, which is a normal negatrait which we'll discuss in the video (basically he needs to roll 2+ or 4+ to follow orders, failing means he just stands around like a big fucking idiot). Then, he needs to make the actual pass roll. If he rolls a 1 the Goblin falls out of his hands and has to make an Agility roll to land on the ground next to the Troll, failing sends him face-first to the turf. The Goblin is always going to land off-mark, like a scattered pass would. Additionally, some but not every unit with the ability to TTM have a skill (in this case Negatrait) called Always Hungry. Big boys like that sometimes get too hungry for meat, and a delicious morsel in their hands is too much to resist. Before they actually throw the Goblin, they have to make a 2+ roll. If they roll a 1, they toss that Goblin right into their mouth and swallow them in a single gulp. The goblin is consumed and dies, if that isn't obvious. On a 2 or better you go ahead and throw.

Having said that, I have an Underworld (knockoff shitty Goblins, we might run into them at some point) team whose gimmick was the 1TTD using TTM, they are about as successful as you could imagine. 9 wins, 37 losses, 6 ties.

Also, a lot of Big Guys have have a negatrait called Loner. I think I covered it in an earlier lesson but it just means they have to make a 3+ roll to actually use a team reroll. It's relevant because it makes rerolling a failed action in the process of throwing a teammate that much harder.

Like I said, goblins are a weird team. Pretty much every team that is comprised mostly of little ST2 stunty units like goblins, halflings, snotlings etc are weird.