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Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain

by Alexeythegreat

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Original Thread: Vae Victis! Let's Play Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain



I am an old fart (well… kinda) and a sucker for great acting and great stories, so Let’s Play Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain!

What is Blood Omen?
Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain is an isometric RPG developed in 1996 by Silicon Knights and published by Crystal Dynamics (released in 1997 for PC). This game is what started the Legacy of Kain series. Need I say more? Well, even if I do, I intend to explain stuff about Legacy of Kain in general during the LP.

I tried to run this on a modern PC, and I can’t seem to watch the cutscenes. Will there be cutscenes?
I can’t watch the cutscenes in-game either (I run the game on Win8), but the cutscenes will be edited in the episodes as appropriate.

Is this a 100% run?
Not likely. I wish I could say that I can 100% this game, but I honestly cannot. The world is just too big for me to 100% it. So, if I miss any secrets or optional non-secrets, do please point it out, it’s greatly appreciated! That being said, since it's 2015, I have access to the Internet, and, by extension, to a guide, and, as such, will try to get my hands on as many secrets as I can.
Post-LP EDIT: no, this is not a 100% run.

Spoiler policy?
The thread has a strict no spoilers policy. 80% of the game is the combination of storyline, acting, and atmosphere, and many people haven’t played this game or any of the Legacy of Kain games (the last one came out 10 years ago, after all, and this one is 19 years old). As such, do please refrain from discussing anything that can spoil the storyline of Blood Omen or the Legacy of Kain series in general. Feel free to speculate, but PLEASE do not spoil stuff. Not only are spoilers inherently bad, but they can also cause confusion in the future due to how convoluted the series' storyline eventually becomes. I do this LP under an assumption that there are by now people who only know of the world of Nosgoth thanks to Nosgoth (the game) and who aren’t very familiar with the story barring some very general aspects. They are among the people the LP is conceived for, as I intend to actually explain the in-universe stuff in this Let’s Play, as opposed to narrating the gameplay in the “now I go here and hit this” style (I already tried that and it just doesn’t work ).

By the way:
1) there’s no way I’ll be able to maintain some kind of a schedule, as the times when I can record stuff are highly erratic and inconsistent, given that every recording requires a fair share of prior planning and, sometimes, even research. They will be semi-regular, however, as in, I will always have at least one update per week;
2) I will never ever speak over the in-game dialogue;
3) when there's an "uhh", it means that I'm looking for a word, as English isn't my first language, so apologies in advance


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