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Original Thread: This LP is not a bad dream. Let's Play Bloodborne blind



I love From Software's Souls series. The Souls games are a series of action RPGs that punish impulsiveness and reward meticulous play and careful observation and it generally feels really good to overcome challenges in these games. Just looking at my Steam library, I've put in almost 200 hours into the PC versions of Dark Souls 1-3 alone, which isn't even getting into the hours I've poured into the PS3 versions. Last year, I did a blind stream-LP of Demon's Souls, which you can find here, and I had a lot of fun with it! As far as the series goes, however, that's basically all I planned to play, since this game is a PS4 exclusive and I had no plans to pick one up. Things changed over the holidays, so I decided to do another blind steam LP!

Generally, these games tend to have a medieval setting, but Bloodborne does something a little different and is set in a slightly more contemporary era, that of Victorian Era London. Gone are the shields and armor of the other Souls games, as this game's arsenal features weapons like guns and canes. The game rewards a very different style of play from the other Souls games - hiding behind a shield is no longer an option, so instead, emphasis is on dodging around attacks and staggering foes by shooting them. It still feels like a Souls game, but trying to play it like one will get you killed. It looks and feels very stylish once it all clicks though!

This is a blind LP of Bloodborne where I'm regularly joined by my friends liquidypoo, his cat, casnorf, Jobbo_Fett, LP Superstar Artix, and occasionally CJacobs. It's also a livestream LP, so I'll make posts here and a few other places, such as my Twitter when we're planning to stream and when we plan to go live. I tend to stream at my beam channel, but that is subject to change. Tentatively, streams will happen on Tuesday nights around 7 PM EST, with updates on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. That is subject to change depending on life.

Those of you who have watched my previous blind Demon's Souls LP may remember that the first couple of sessions had a little gimmick where liquidy would read stories from PYF Food Industry Horror Stories upon my deaths - we ran out of stories partway through the LP, but we've sourced some more now so storytime is back for the forseeable future!

This is a Souls game, and invasions are a major part of the series, though Bloodborne's implementation is... poor, to say the least. I'll keep the OP updated with my current level and I'll mention what my current level is when I stream, but I might not be open to invasions if I haven't rung the Beckoning Bell. I might not always want to do co-op, so I tend to not have the bell rung, which also closes me off from invasions.

Also, let's talk spoiler policy: If we haven't seen it in a video or it hasn't been discussed, don't talk about it! Don't do spoiler bars either. This is a blind LP and I would like for it to remain that way.


Session 1: Welcome to Yharnam

Session 2 (Feat. CJacobs): Gascoigne

Session 3: Old Yharnam

Session 4: Bag Town

Session 5: Hemwick Charnel

Session 6: Forbidden Woods, Part 1

Session 7: Forbidden Woods, Part 2

Session 8: So, you like to play Castlevania

Session 9: Byrgenwerth

Alt Audio version

Session 10: Yahar'gul, Unseen Village

Session 11: Altar of Despair

Session 12 (feat. CJacobs): The Old Hunters

Session 13: RC Pinball

Session 14 (feat. CJacobs): The Orphan of Kos

Session 15 (feat. CJacobs): Nightmare of Mensis

Session 16: The First Hunter

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