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Original Thread: The eyes have it - Let's play Bloodborn(tm)



After finishing the development of Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition, series creator Hidetaka Miyazaki was approached by Sony to develop a new game in partnership with them, as an exclusive title for their yet-to-be-release PS4. Featuring a Victorian Gothic setting inspired heavily by Bram Stoker's Dracula and an overall aesthetic design heavily influenced by the Tower of Latria area from Demon's Souls. Unlike Demon's Souls or Dark Souls, Bloodborne was designed with the intention of forcing players to take a more active role in the combat, as opposed to the more reactive "sword and board" style featured in those games. New mechanics were introduced as a result, such as the rally system, by which you can recover HP if you strike an enemy quickly after being hit, as well as shields being replaced by guns that can be used to stun and stagger enemies.

This will be a informative playthrough focused on showing off all of the game's content and showing off strategies for dealing with the various encounters the game throws at you. All areas will be explored to their fullest and all features (e.g. multiplayer) will be shown off.

Expect a proper update every Friday night ahahahahahahah

- Anything not yet shown off in the videos should be kept in black bars. But try to keep those to a minimum, CIA documents are terribly dry.
- No debating about which game is the best. They're all good.

Episode 1 - Central Yharnam
Episode 2 - Yharnam Sewers
Episode 3 - Cathedral Ward 1
Episode 4 - Old Yharnam
Episode 5 - Pthumerian Labyrinth
Episode 6 - Healing Church Workshop
Episode 7 - Central Pthumerian Labyrinth
Episode 8 - Cathedral Ward 2
Episode 9 - Hemwick Charnel Lane
Episode 10 - ???
Episode 11 - Forbidden Woods 1
Episode 12 - Forbidden Woods 2
Episode 13 - Forbidden Woods 3
Episode 14 - Bergenwyrth
Episode 15 - Paleblood Yharnam
Episode 16 - Cainhurst Castle
Episode 17 - Nightmare Frontier
Episode 18 - Hintertombs Highlights
Episode 19 - Yahar'gul, Unseen Village
Episode 20 - Upper Cathedral Ward
Episode 21 - The Hunter's Nightmare 1
Episode 22 - The Hunter's Nightmare 2
Episode 23 - Nightmare of Mensis
Episode 24 - Sorrowful Ends
Episode 25 - Research Hall
Episode 26 - Fishing Hamlet 1
Episode 27 - Nightmare Secrets
Episode 28 - Chalice Woes
Episode 29 - Fishing Hamlet 2
Episode 30 - Lower Loran and Isz
Episode 31 - Mergo's Loft
Episode 32 - Pthumeru Ihyll
Episode 33 - Hunter's Dream
Episode 34 - So Long and Thanks for All the Blood
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