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Blue Stinger is a survival horror game in the vein of the first couple of Resident Evil, with the unique distinction of not having fixed camera angles and tank controls in the North American release. The story is that our protagonist Eliot G. Ballade was on board a boat with crew-mate Tim during a vacation from his service as an elite ESER member off the coast of Jurassic Park Dinosaur Island when an object falls from the sky and some crazy things happen that wind up washing Eliot ashore a pier on the island.

Epilepsy Warning
Some of the cutscenes in this game have a lot of flashing imagery in rapid succession that may act as a trigger for those prone to epilepsy. I added a small iconic overlay (borrowed from the GNOME project) along with a time to skip ahead to about five seconds before a particularly flashy cutscene is about to start. If you skip ahead you're not missing much. I wouldn't add this if it wasn't a legitimate concern, the cutscenes start to hurt my eyes after a while.

Table of Contents

0 - Intro Cutscene (loud)Youtube 
1 - Disaster ReportYoutube 
2 - One of Those Letters Means RescueYoutube 
3 - Greeters Need Not ApplyYoutubeUncut Commentary
4 - Stamp CollectionYoutubeUncut Commentary
5 - Sumomarket SweepYoutubeUncut Commentary
6 - Freezer BurnsYoutubeUncut Commentary
7 - Taurin' Up the PlaceYoutube 
8 - Piering into the BottleYoutubeUncut Commentary
9 - The PlotteningYoutubeUncut Commentary
10 - By the Looks of ThingsYoutube 
11 - Surge ProtectorsYoutube 
12 - Phantom LoadYoutube 
13 - Stinging SensationYoutubeUncut Commentary
14 - I'm Eating the Bank CodesYoutubeUncut Commentary
15 - The Good PartsYoutube 
16 - Pharma SutraYoutubeUncut Commentary
17 - Hypochondriatic OathYoutubeUncut Commentary
18 - Chocolate PuddingYoutubeUncut Commentary
19 - We Found the ThingYoutubeUncut Commentary
20 - The Episode Where Joe Eats a Baloney SandwichYoutubeUncut Commentary
21 - Memory LapseYoutubeUncut Commentary
22 - Ballade of the Wind FishYoutubeUncut Commentary
23 - All Dogs Go to HeavenYoutubeUncut Commentary

Bonus Content

I E-Mailed Robert Short, the man that had a major role in the monster design of Blue Stinger (and Illbleed) and he was kind enough to send me some concept art of monsters in the game along with their project names and some information on them. Click the thumbnails for the full image. I will post the concepts I received as the monsters appear in the LP. He agreed to do an E-Mail interview when/if his schedule allows, so feel free to post any questions for the interview.


Robert Short posted:

Here the original sketch for the mutated Island crewman. He was called Mac.

Robert Short posted:

This is the crab before the addition of the jeep. It also had backup eyes on it's feet in case it's head was damaged.
"Plant Dragon"

Robert Short posted:

The second was just called the "Plant Dragon". The idea was that some of the plant life on the island had been affected by the meteorite and had taken on animal traits.

Robert Short posted:

This was the Ultimate Boss for the game. A combination of all kinds of dinosaur and alien DNA whose name was RAZORHEART.
"Dolphin" (Unused)

Robert Short posted:

The concept was that the main head would break the surface of the water and appear like a regular dolphin until it was ready to attack.
"Sluggo" (Unused)

Robert Short posted:

The clear slug idea did not make it in because of the transparency problem.
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