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Bomberman 64: The Second Attack!

by ElTipejoLoco

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Original Thread: Everybody in the World Wants to Kill Me - The Bomberman Megathread



---The Game---
Bomberman 64: The Second Attack! is the ambitious sequel to Bomberman 64, (completely ignoring Bomberman Hero), which takes Bomberman into a mythological Space Opera loaded with spy movie music and reams of dialogue. He also has a cute catbunny sidekick who you stuff piles of food into. Maybe not so special now, but for the time it was an odd Bomberman game.
Gameplay picks up where 64 left off with some changes: standard bomb blasts are back to the grid pattern, there are multiple elemental bombs Bomberman can swipe from bosses a'la Mega Man, a shop with upgrades and extras, and the aforementioned sidekick Pommy. It's not the most well-built game out there though - there are multiple reasons I (Thorn) am not playing it myself - but like the first Bomberman 64, it incites a strong nostalgic response from those who remember it.

The story is such:
Bomberman finds an egg shortly after his victory in Bomberman 64, and he takes it with him on his next adventure... right into an artificial black hole. Bomberman is imprisoned by baddies in the black hole, until the egg hatches and turns out to be Pommy: useless asshat extraordinaire. Pommy helps Bomberman escape, and together they learn that evil anime man Rukifellth is gathering the Elemental Crystals for heinous purposes, with the help of his elemental rogues gallery the Astral Knights. It's up to Bomberman and maybe eventually Pommy to defeat the Astral Knights, retrieve the Elemental Crystals, and put a stop to Rukifellth's evil laughter and eye-covering hair

---The LP---
ElTipejoLoco takes the gameplay reigns for this LP; I (ThornBrain) take passenger seat along with SorataYuy (Parts 1 - 3) and Highwang (Parts 4 - 8). The LP was updated every Monday with folks in the thread able to vote until Wednesday on which planet we tackled next, as well as Pommy's evolutionary direction at the start of the LP.

ElTipejoLoco posted:

Interesting facts about Neverland and the bonus video, in no particular order:
  • A lot of the bosses' moves had much more ridiculous names. Heck, they even had slightly more ridiculous titles prior to localization:
    • Baelfael's title was apparently Crimson Lotus Flame instead of just The Crimson Flame.
      • Fire Punch was formerly Flame Blow.
      • Flame Wave was formerly Fire Wave.
    • Behemos's title was apparently Governor of the Frozen Spring instead of Lord of the Frozen Wastes.
      • Ice Ball was formerly Ice Shot.
      • Ice Storm was formerly Ice Dust.
      • Ice Crusher was formerly just Ice Crush.
    • Ashtarth's title was apparently King of the Wild Wind instead of Lord of the Wind.
      • Tornado was formerly Death Scream.
      • Typhoon was formerly Fear Hurricane.
      • Zephyr was formerly Stride Move.
  • Baelfael, Behemos, and Ashtarth all had Instant Knock Out/One-Hit K.O. attacks (that glowing thing Zhael did before dashing towards you in Episode 4) that were apparently removed for the game's international release. There's a video of someone playing the Japanese release on emulator out there showing all of those off, but since it contains spoilers, here's tiny gifs of the removed ones only instead:
    • Baelfael's Hellfire
    • Behemos's Ice Requiem (the only OHKO with an aura that doesn't involve rushing at you!)
    • Ashtarth's Rave the Shadow
    No, I have no idea why Ashtarth's move names are so ridiculous and ill-fitting, but I love it. He must've been a much more different character in the original release, dialogue-wise.
    I also find it neat that whoever uploaded the video I got these from appears to also be a Mexican gamer.
  • I discovered what the jingle after destroying the 2 second-floor flamethrowers in Neverland triggered; It opened up a room west of the first rooms that contains the earliest available Remote Bomb Power-Up of the stage. Footage has been recorded and will probably show up as another bonus video once next update rolls around.
  • It looks like there's no Carry Bomb/Blue Glove Power-Up in Neverland. Buying the Full Power item from the shop (1,000 coins) or having the Guardian Sleeves appears to be the only way to get that one bomb-staircase Custom Part in the stage.
  • You can save yourself some time backtracking through the stage (unless you care about Custom Parts) by bouncing yourself onto a lever and using Wind Bombs to reach a caged off-switch, and then getting Bomberman to die so you can restart the stage from the landing pad. It'll probably be in the future bonus video.
  • Animal-type Pommy's tail wags like crazy during its idle animation. Have some gifs of that:

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