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Bomberman Fantasy Race

by ThornBrain

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Original Thread: Everybody in the World Wants to Kill Me - The Bomberman Megathread



---The Game---
Bomberman Fantasy Race: It's kart racing, but with our Louie and Tirra friends! Grab items to fling at your opponents, jump around and off the walls, give your bunny friend a hemorrhage in order to make that last lap, and try not to fall into the water and bottomless pits. It's wacky, it's compressed to hell, and it's hard to control, but somehow it's one of the most fun recording experiences I've had in an LP. Music's pretty fun too.

Join me with Mugiwara Yoshi, BigTUnit1 and Jiggly Jacob as we see how far the Hige bandit YEEEH can go with just the starter Louie.

Cheez posted:

It's called black louie. You're thinking of king tirra instead. Also, according to this guide here while I was looking up some info about stuff you hadn't covered, the prices for the unlockable characters are far higher in the English version than in the original Japanese release! Because why not! Like, black louie is 100,000 instead of 10,000, hopping louie is 1000 instead of 100... In other words you're getting super fucked over and Japanese people didn't have to grind for money.

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