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Original Thread: God Forbid You Don't Have Multiplayer - Let's Play Bomberman Hero (VLP)


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God Forbid You Don't Have Multiplayer! - Let's Play Bomberman Hero (N64|VLP|100%)

---Game Description---
Bomberman Hero is a less-than-celebrated Nintendo 64 installment in the Bomberman franchise. As opposed to the puzzle-based majority of the series, Bomberman Hero is a Platformer, incorporating active jumping, a health bar, and vehicle levels into gameplay. While the game is a thoroughly fun play [if tedious at times], and the excellent music makes Drum 'n' Bass enjoyable for those of us not so DnB-inclined, the critics weren't impressed. Bomberman Hero suffers from an utterly pathetic storyline, painfully dated graphic design, and no multiplayer(?!). Considering the Bomberman franchise built itself on its multiplayer, this was just heresy [but who honestly gives a shit? The game is good without it].

---LP Description---
Joining me as I re-explore this underappreciated gem is my friend BigTUnit1. He doesn't have the childhood connection to Bomberman or Bomberman Hero like I do, and I can already tell he's dubious. Here's to a good long LP's worth of me trying to convince him. Even if I don't, there will be plenty of laughs.

This will be a 100% playthrough, meaning that I will find every Adok Bomb, open every level, and earn the maximum 5 points for each level. Every Area of the game will be completed in one or two videos, and as such each Planet should be completed in 3-5 videos tops. In an effort to make this a thorough Let's Play, I invite viewers to mention any details I may have forgotten as we record the commentary or anything that about which you are just curious. Anything I miss will be mentioned in the subsequent video.

---Related Links---
LP RSS Feed/Playlist

Bomberman Hero soundtrack on SoundCloud - Uploaded by the game's composer, June Chikuma. Stream only; not a download link.

My Twitter - Where I post LP-related updates or ask questions/suggestions. Or just snark off.

Jetters Abridged - My parody series of a Japan-only Bomberman cartoon, Bomberman Jetters, written and voiced with BigTUnit and our friend codeblackhayate. If you think our ridiculous mangling of Pibot is funny in the LP, you will find Birdy hysterical in this. Also liked by people who don't like Abridged series.

Planet 1: Bomber

Area 1: Bomber Base: [Blip|YouTube]

Area 2: Sea of Trees: [Blip|YouTube]

Area 3: Peace Mountains: [Blip|YouTube]

Planet 2: Primus

Area 1: Woods of Esuram: [Blip|YouTube]

Area 2: Primus Castle: [Blip|YouTube]

Area 3: Clock Tower: [Blip|YouTube]

Planet 3: Kanatia

Area 1: Lavana Volcano: [Blip|YouTube]

Area 2: Death Pyramid: [Blip|YouTube]

Area 3: Kanatia Shrine: [Blip|YouTube]

Planet 4: Mazone

Area 1: Louie's Jungle: [Blip|YouTube]

Area 2: Slush Mountains: [Blip|YouTube]

Area 3: Mazone Dome: [Blip|YouTube]

Planet 5: Garaden + Ending Credits: [Blip|YouTube]

Bonus Levels

Planet 6: Gossick: [Blip|YouTube]

Unlockables and Minigames: [Blip|YouTube]

Bomber Star: [Blip|YouTube]

---Minimum-Point Speed Run---
A speed run of every map in each planet wherein no items are collected or enemies are killed, unless they are necessary for completing the level. If the level has two exits, both are speed-ran (usually). Bosses are ignored, as they are already fought quickly in the main LP.

Planet 1: Bomber: [Blip|YouTube]

Planet 2: Primus: [Blip|YouTube]

Planet 3: Kanatia: [Blip|YouTube]

Planet 4: Mazone: [Blip|YouTube]

Planet 6: Gossick: [Blip|YouTube]

My favorite grinding route through Emerald Tube

"Redial (Redial'd)" - My and Travis' parody version of "Redial" with lyrics.

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