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by Thiswayliesmadness

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Original Thread: The breath! The breath! The breath is on fire! - Lets Play Breath of Fire 1



Normally when you hear of Capcom, you think of fighting or action games. So it was an unusual move in April of 1993 for them to release an RPG made in house. The team they put together was an interesting mix of game veterans and new faces who would later go on to become icons in their field. Many RPG's at the time were bland looking, text heavy, and using a basic soundtrack. But Capcom would put their usual heavy artistic flair in their designs and musical scores. Many of these concept art designs are around today, and I'll be sharing them in the videos and this post. While I don't intend to 100% the game, I will try to show off as much as possible including some secrets in the game. It was also re-released later on the GBA, but I'll be playing the SNES version since the differences are minor, and the music's better in this one.

Spoiler Policy

Breath of Fire 1 is fairly old and while I expect many people to have given at least one of the games in the series a go, there are some who might have not seen it yet so lets not spoil anything please! Plus I'd like to do runs of some of the following games later and rather not have those events revealed. Not even in tags guys. Please.

#1 - Home Wreckers
#2 - Of Traps and Toads
#3 - Shaken not Stirred
#4 - Birds of a Feather
#5 - Off to see the Wizard
#6 - Our Chief Concern
#7 - Castles in the Sky
#8 - Domo Arigato Mr Stone Robo
#9 - Cash for Gold
#10 - Chupacabra
#11 - Tomb Raider
#12 - First Intermission
#13 - Everyone Loves a Twin Key
#14 - Calamari Army
#15 - A Fish Tale
#16 - Olly Olly Oxen Free
#17 - Second Intermission
#18 - Wake Up Call
#19 - Liquid Snake
#20 - Fishing for Answers
#21 - Honey, I Shrunk The Dragon
#22 - Shock Therapy
#23 - Battle Royal
#24 - Pull Yourself Together
#25 - Can You Dig It?
#26 - The Weather Dominator
#27 - Dream Sprites
#28 - It's About Time
#29 - Cerl's Story Arc
#30 - Air Miles
#31 - Kneel Before Zog
#32 - Sibling Rivalry
#33 - The Emperor of Balls
#34a - This is the End?
#34b - This is the End
#34c - This is the End!
#35 - The Wrap Up

The Art and Music of Breath of Fire 1
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