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Breath of Fire II

by Scintilla

Part 1: Chapter One: Demon’s Souls

Alright, let’s get this party started.

Music: 01 – The Destined Child

We get the Capcom logo, back in a time when that company was actually respected.

Then we get the translation group’s image.

And then the title screen. If you time it just right, the music will swell to a crescendo just as the ‘Breath of Fire II’ logo rises above the flames.

Anyway, let’s start a new game.

As with the first Breath of Fire, this is a Serious Playthrough, so we’re naming our main character Ryu.

Let’s dive in!

Music: A Voice From The Dark

: Hear my words, mortals. Offer your souls unto God…Offer Him your praise, your prayers, your worship and devotion…

Music: Please God

A small girl runs out of the church.

: *Sigh* She got away again. What am I ever going to do with her?

: Ryu, come down! I need a word with you!

: Ryu, come down! I need a word with you!

Now the player can control Ryu. Now, before anything else…

We can raid the dresser for an item. Just like in Breath of Fire I, the player will nearly always receive an item by checking any dressers they come across.

This section is pretty straightforward – just go downstairs. Ganer will call up to Ryu periodically until he does.

: Yua’s gone and run off again. She always puts up such a fuss over nap time…

: Yes father.

: I’m trusting you, now!

: Leave it to me, father!

We can control Ryu again, and now our objective is to look for Yua, Ryu’s sister.

Music: 02 – My Home Sweet Home

: I’m going on an adventure!

Now that we’re outside, we can talk to the villagers and find out some background info about this place.

: Yua likes the big dragon. Maybe she went to see it?

: Father always says to pay respect to the big dragon statue.

: Mama…

The more observant among you will probably have noticed the jewel in the top right hand corner of the text box, and how it changed colour mid-way through the conversation. This jewel is called the Dragon Tear, and it measures how various NPC's and even other party members feel about you. In this case the jewel changed colour from light yellow to green, meaning the NPC's feelings towards Ryu have become more positive. I'll be explaining more about the Dragon Tear over the course of the update.

: Excuse me lady, have you seen my sister anywhere?

: Thank you pretty lady.

: Okie dokie mister. I will tell father to be careful.

To progress the plot Ryu has to walk to the back of the village. The shaking bush can be hacked away to reveal a path leading out towards the mountains at the back.

Music: 03 – Memories (Yua)

There are three paths in the cornfield. We want the middle one.

Everything’s in colour all of a sudden!

: Yua! Yua! Father wants you! Yu-

: Look out, Yua! Scary monster!

Music: 10 – I’ll Do It

Young Ryu enters a battle against a Gunhead. Players of Breath of Fire I will recognise it as a carry-over of the Beak enemies featured at the beginning of that game. Right now all Young Ryu can do is attack the monster until fate intervenes…

…in the form of Ganer nuking the son of a bitch with lightning.

We still get experience and money, though, which is great.

: Now, what do you have to say for yourself, Yua? Running off into a monster’s den like this…you’ve made a lot of trouble for your older brother and I!

: What? Your mother?

: That’s right! When I nap here, I see mama in my dreams!

:…So you say…

: I know. Mama’s gone.


: Had it not been for the dragon, we would all have perished then.

: That’s not true, father!

: I believe it! Ryu believes it! Everyone believes it! And everybody will remember the story of how papa and the dragon beat the monsters and saved the village!

: I just hope your mother understands as well as you do…

: I know she does! That’s what the dragon told me!

:…Thank you, Yua.

: I told you! I see mama in my dreams!

: Yes father.

: *Yawn* I’m sleepy. Maybe I’ll see mama in my dreams like Yua does.

: Waaah!!

:…Mmm. Scary dream. Where’s father? Why is it so quiet?

: Time to go home now.

: Hello, mister.

:…! I-I’m sorry, mister!

: Where is father, pretty lady? Oh, um, did Father Ganer bring Yua back already?

: Father…Halk…?


Once again the Dragon Tear changes colour, turning from light red to a darker crimson. This indicates a very negative reaction and can often be a sign of trouble to come.

:…Why is everyone being so mean to me? I-I…I’m going home!

: Father! Father! Where are you?

:…Wait…you’re not father…

: Church…of Eva…? A-anyway! Where’s father? And where’s Yua? I’ve lost them! My…my family…

: Orphans, drunkards, criminals, harlots, all of society’s refuse…we accept any and all who will but open their hearts.

: I…I…This…this is a d-dream. I’m h-having a nightmare. I-I’ll just…just go to sleep. Then I’ll w-wake up under the dragon, a-and everything will be alright.

: Aaand I’m up!

: H-Hey, what’re you doing?

:…Hold on, you’re not the old man! Phew, I thought I was busted for a second there!

: Hmm…

: You know the routine…play all pitiful, get into their good graces, then rob ‘em blind and run like hell? ‘Course, there’s really nothing worth stealing here to begin with…

: B-but, I’m not a thief…

: Sure, that’s cool. There’s no need for you to do the actual stealing – you can be the distraction or whatever. ‘Sides, it’s not like there’s anything for you here, right?

:…That’s right…there really is…nothing for me here…


The Dragon Tear changes colour from Cyan to Blue, indicating a great increase in positive feelings. Blue generally indicates a solid friendship.

: Your name’s Ryu, isn’t it? The name’s Bosch! Pleased to meetcha! Let’s move, partner! The world is our oyster!

Bosch joined the party! In Capcom’s original translation he was renamed to ‘Bow’, which is odd since his original name was within the character limits.

We can now move about again. Bosch will follow behind us, as will all future active party members. For now there’s no choice but to do as Bosch suggests and skip town.

Leaving the town puts us on the world map. We’re still in the prologue, so there’s no danger of random encounters.

: Crap! We better get out of this weather, and fast!

:…cave…over there…

: You’ve got some sharp eyes there, friend. Let’s get in there, double time!

: What the…yikes! It’s pitch black in here!


: Good thinking, Ryu!

Music: 04 – Dungeon


: Deeper inside, silly! Maybe this passage will take us to the other side of the mountains.

: Hey, did you see that? My canine instincts are telling me to follow it! Come on!

Ryu and Bosch follow the strange thing through the cave…

Music: Stealthy Shadow

: M-m-m-m-m-m-moooooonsteeeeeer!!!

The monster easily swats Bosch away with its tail.

The Dragon Tear is now dark purple. Dark purple is a terrible portent and indicates that the speaker's intentions towards Ryu are pure evil.

: If you are indeed the Fated Child, then you must prove your worth!

Music: A Crisis

This massive monster is called Barbaroi. It’s not really a proper boss fight since there’s no way for Ryu to win. He doesn’t even get a chance to take a turn before Barbaroi pulps him with a single attack.

: So, you truly are the Fated Child!

: Uuuuuuhhhh…

: Go forth, Ryu!

: Farewell, Ryu…

:…Until we meet again…

That’s it for the first update – It took over a hundred screens, but I just about managed to do the entire prologue in a single sitting.