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Breath of Fire II

by Scintilla

Part 14: Chapter Twelve: Twilight Princess

Music: 04 – Dungeon

: There’s a gate around the corner. The guard should let us in since we have Mina with us.

The secret tunnels don’t really qualify as a maze – there are a number of branches, but none of them are very complicated. There are also no random encounters, which is good because there is an actual reason to explore down here. A number of NPC’s inhabit the maze, some of whom have interesting things to say.

: Hey, I hear voices coming from the south. Let’s check it out!

: Huh? Hey, wait up! Don’t just run off!

: Huh? There are jail cells down here? Wha?

: What…what is this place? I was never told about this.

: That’s not surprising. This isn’t a regular prison. It’s where enemies of the Royal Family are held. Those who hold knowledge that is considered treasonous or embarrassing to the royals are locked away down here.

: What is she talking about? Black…wings…?

: What nonsense. There’s no need to listen to this mad woman’s ramblings. Come, everyone, let us continue on.

: Huh. More voices, this time coming from the north. Let’s check it out!

: *Sigh*

: Huh? An old woman in bed?

: But fate was not kind unto her. You see, the girl had wings of the purest midnight black…and it is said that the ‘Black-Winged One’ is the harbinger of the destruction of all of Wyndia.

: In the end the King chose the lesser of two evils and had his own daughter banished. His own daughter…

: But what a terrible burden it must be, to be forced to choose between one’s country and one’s family…

:...Mother and father…exiled you?

:…That’s right.

: I-I see. But…but! It’s been a long time since then, right? I’m sure it would be okay if you came back now.

:…Yes, I suppose so.

:…I will try, Mina. I cannot promise any more than that.

: Hey! There’s a staircase here!

: The castle is just above us. Come, sister – it’s time for you to return home.

Music: 12 – The Kingdom

: Mother!

: You have my sister to thank for my safe return.

: Sister?

: M-mother?

: We are but humble travelers on a journey. The princess was set upon by bandits. We encountered her purely by chance, and offered to escort her back to the palace.

: S-sister? What are you saying?

:(Psst! Ryu! What’s going on?)

:(I’m sure Nina will clear everything up for us later.)

: It seems these…humble travelers have gone out of their way to aid my daughter. Give them their due gratitude…and show them out, immediately.

: I’m sorry, sister.

Music: 15 – A Long Time Ago

: If you’re heading east, you’ll have to detour across the cliffs to the south. There’s a spot where the divide is narrow enough to cross.

: I thought Nina was a princess! Or some other royal-type celebrity! What gives?

: How come she acted like she didn’t know you, then? That’s mean of her!

: It’s the black wings, right?

: Yes. That’s the long and short of it.

: Wyndians tend to be like that towards outsiders…

: Hey, no biggie! I’m more worried about you!

: It’s true. You don’t have anything to be ashamed of, Nina.

:…All these years I’ve wished they were white, so I could live without being feared by my own people…

: Thank you. Thank you greatly.

We regain control of the party now. Not for long, though, because walking south triggers a scene.

: Nothing in my hands, nothing up my sleeves!

: A stage magician? Heh, this seems like the sort of thing Bosch would like.

: Then, with the merest flexing of my superhuman abilities, I will make them…vanish into thin air!

: Hey, sounds exciting! Go on, Ryu! Volunteer for it!

: Wait, what? Why should I be the one to-

: Aha, I see we have a volunteer!

: Wait, no, I don’t-

: Oho, there’s no backing out now, sir! You don’t want to look like a coward in front of these lovely ladies in the audience, now, do you?

: Hey-! Stop it-! I-

: Okay, now everything’s set for your grand debut! If all goes well, you’ll be the star of the show!

: And there we have it, ladies and gentlemen!

: Wow! Amazing! He really vanished!

:…Uuuuuh…where am I?

: Isn’t this magic act supposed to end with your volunteer coming back or something?

: Oh, that! Well, you see, that’s a little…

: That’s enough charlatanry for now. What did you do with Ryu?

: Oh! He’s your boyfriend, isn’t he? My mental powers never fail me!

: That…that’s none of your business! This disappearing act of yours is trying my patience! End it now, or I’ll show you some real magic!

: You see, while Ryu did indeed vanish, I’m afraid the trick itself…didn’t quite go as I planned. It pains me to say this, but your boyfriend is now adrift in a dimensional vortex!

: What?!

: There, there, sweet girl. It’s not the end of the world, just…the end of the affair?

: Hold it, hold it! What the heck’s a diversional vorpal-thingy?

: Is there anything we can do?

: I’ll just brew up a nice pot and I can explain to you my cunning plan to rescue your boyfriend over tea and crumpets!

: I’m not thirsty, thank you. Can you bring Ryu back or not?

: It smells like dirt in here. My surroundings feel…crumbly. Just what the hell did that monkey freak do?!

: Y-you! You talk funny!

: I quite agree. This caddish monkey is no help at all.

: Hey now, slow down a minute!

: Once I’ve had my fill of this sweet flower’s company, I’ll gladly help you find your friend…wait, he’s not your boyfriend too, is he? Mmm, I smell a love triangle!

:…You have a very active imagination. Come on, Lin. Let’s…hmm? What’s that?

: Hmm, just looking at you gives me the most wonderful ideas! If your friend has any qualms, I’d be open to the idea of taking you with me instead…

: It’ll be a night to remember!

: Urgh! *Cough* *Cough*

: Oh my! Ryu, are you alright?!

: You’re such a perfect matched set! Refined calm versus brash brazenness! You’re both coming, or the deal’s off!

: Enough talk, you simian rube. Your ruse has been revealed. Ryu was underground all along!


Lin bashes Sten with her staff, causing him to hurtle backwards.

: Aha! Is that the dimmy-whatsit you were talking about?

: So, where would you like me to start? Your fingers? Your kneecaps? The ol’ family jewels?

: He-heeeeelp! F-feral catgirl!

And with that, Lin beats the shit out of Sten as the screen fades out. Because that’s how we deal with sleazy jackasses in this game.