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Part 11: Chapter IX: You Can't See it But I'm Sobbing in the Corner Because I Know What's Next

Rangpur posted:

When this game first came out, I disliked everything except the dragon genes. I hated the stupid mini-games, I hated the meandering plot spinning it's wheels... But over the course of your LP I am slowly warming to it, so keep on doing what you're doing.

Thanks! Glad you're enjoying it.

Chapter IX: You Can't See it But I'm Sobbing in the Corner Because I Know What's Next

Welcome back! Last time we (almost) won the Contest of Champions and killed Balio and Sunder, proving once and for all that dragons are roughly twice as awesomer as unicorns. Now it's time to get Nina home and clear up this whole mess.

This guy is in such shock he almost breaks the textbox.

: I'm sorry to have worried everyone

Wyndian guard: The King will be so glad to know that you've returned safely, Princess Nina.

Wyndian guard: Hey! What happened to those crooks!? The ones who used that kid to get us to drop our guard!

: Ah, um, yes, well I'll explain... But first, shouldn't you tell Daddy... I mean, the King that I'm back?

Wyndian guard: Ah! Yes, of course! Immediately!

: I have a feeling I'm going to have a hard time explaining that Ken's not a criminal...

Music: Castle Wyndia

Is it just me, or is the music too over the top for this?


King: My, that sounds like quite an adventure

: I don't know what I would have done if it hadn't been for Ken and everybody...

King: I see... Forgive me, Master Ken, for doubting you and thinking you were one of those charlatans... On behalf of the Queen, I offer you thanks once more.

Knight: But, Your Majesty... I find it hard to believe-- Could a mere child have performed such deeds?

: But Ken isn't just an ordinary child! Father, Ken is a drag...

: Ahem! erm...cough, cough! By the way, Your Highness... We were thinking of traveling to the eastern lands...

King: Yes, yes! You need a passport, yes? Since you are in a hurry, I'll see to it that you get it immediately!

: Wait!... You mean... You're leaving already?

: Nina... Princess... We'll meet again.

King: Indeed. If your travels bring you here again, we would welcome your presence at Castle Wyndia.

: .........Why'd they have to leave so soon? Oh, well... If I went with them, I'd only get in the way... They don't need a princess along causing trouble...

A crash and a scream is heard offscreen.

So Nina decides to investigate. Ladies and gentlemen, we are now in exactly one of two parts of the game we don't have access to Ken. Marvel at it's glory. And...stop. No really. Stop.

And also take Nina's allowance. 120 glittering gold coins you can take to market or give to your goodly wife.

This woman stands outside Nina's room for some reason.

This guy mentions the existence of Masters. Nothing really more than that, like how they work or anything. Just that they're there.

And this guy mentions something about a guard that went looking for Nina. I can't imagine that went well for him . Although it is nice that the kingdom was doing SOMETHING about the situation, even if it ended up being ultimately useless.

Next to Nina's little tower is what I call the research tower. Here is where most of the clerical stuff for the castle is done (the Passport that Ken and company just got was made here) and the research area, where they use wind to somehow learn about the world. Yeah, I don't get it either. There's also one of VERY few Wyndians who has wings, although they're almost entirely cosmetic for the people who have them. They're too weak to do anything.

And on the other side of the dining room is the royal tower, where the King and Queen live. Talking to Sheila (the Queen) reveals that she got sick from grief, and is bedridden for a while. She also makes Nina promise to never bring them grief.

Also, that chest next to her bed has another Coin in it.

The King is talking with the Captain of the Guards, about Nina. The King is musing about letting Nina play outside, like a normal kid. Not a bad idea, to be honest.

But let's get back to investigating, shall we?

The maid here says something hit her foot, which startled her and made her drop the plate. Wonder what it could have...

What the fuck?! Honey?!

Following Honey, we wind up on the other side of Nina's room, leading us to the basement, which in turn leads to the kitchen and wine cellar

That dude is Hachio, the head cook. He's a throwback to the chefs at the Wild Cat Cafe in Breath of Fire II. Fortunately, he doesn't try to cook us this time around. He's world famous, and people come from all over he world to study under him.

And the wine cellar. Ah, wine. And beer. and liquor. Alcohol in general. It's all a-ok in my book.

Talking to this mouse and answering "yes" causes it to give you some Cheese, which restores 20 HP when you use it. Only notable because this is the only time you can get it, and there's no Cheese anywhere else in the game.

I would be too, buddy. I would be too. It's safe to say that if I found myself down there, I wouldn't come back up until that place was empty.

Honey is down here, next to one of the crates. Talking to her causes her to run away again.

Back in the basement, this guard says nothing came this way. So Honey had to have gone upstairs again. This way leads to the dungeon, by the way. We can't go past that first door.

There we go. She's cornered now. Nothing up there but a balcony.

Literally none of it is shown, but it's implied that Honey is struggling, and the duo fall off

It's hilarious because they literally just lift Nina's sprite up and it falls back down over the edge.


: Did you... did you do that, Honey? Honey! What's the matter? Honey!? .........She's not moving... What should I do...? I can't fix her myself--I need Momo's help...

Honey? Are you ok? Honey?

The scene changes to Garr and Ken around the campfire. Momo and Peco are probably inside. Also a little thing, from here on out, Garr usually tends the fire, which goes along nicely with his fire affinity. It's the little things I love about this game.

: Hey...Has anyone seen Honey? Where's she gotten off to now?

Momo starts looking around the camp

: Honeeeeey, wheeerre aaaaareeee yooouuu?

: ....Ken? Garr?

: Nina, what is it?

: Momo! It's Honey... She...She's...

: Hmmmm.... Looks like she ran out of chrysm... Why don't you bring her inside the tent?

Ken starts to follow them, but Garr stops him

: Let Momo handle this.. She knows what's best for Honey...

: Besides... There's something I have to tell you When we get to the the eastern lands... you'll learn all about the Brood... But... there is a possibility that you may die soon afterwards...

Nina comes out partway through and hears that. She understandably freaks the hell out.

: Die... you mean Ken might die...!? Why would you say such a thing!? He's just going to learn about the dragons, isn't he?

: You have to understand... When you're dealing with something that has enough power to destroy the have to be ready for anything

: Ken's not a big bad dragon like that... Ken always uses his power to protect me-- he's a good dragon! I... I'm going too! I don't want Ken to die by himself somewhere... somewhere without me! Ken's not a bad dragon!

And thus did Nina run away from home. By her own choice this time.

East of the Plant is the Checkpoint. We can technically go here around the time we got Peco, but there's nothing we can do her until now.

: Once we're through here... we'll be in the eastern lands... I don't think we'll have a problem with our passports, but... We might have a problem with our companion, the runaway Princess...

Guard: Passport, please...

Guard: Everything looks to be in order

Guard: Hm...? Princess Nina?

Guard: Excuse me...but who is this young lady?

: She's my daughter. Is there something wrong?

Guard: You mean...I mean... By daughter, you mean she's your child, right?

: Is there another meaning I don't know?

Guard: Uh...Well, now that you mention it... I suppose she does take after her fath... I mean her mother! Yes, indeed, very attractive! Um, sorry to have bothered you. Please, go on through!

Garr is awesome.

: Whew...that was close. Thank you, Garr, for covering for me like that...

: Mmmm... I've heard that Ken has saved you several times... So I thought that you might be necessary to get Ryu to use his power...

: After all, if he isn't able to use his power, we're only wasting time, you know...

A cute little thing is the Ken sweatdrops here. Like he just went "Ah, fuck" to himself. He also tries to wander off but...

Nina keeps blocking him. Again, it's the little things.

: You mean you only use your powers because of me? Only to protect me? If that's true, then I want to be stronger! I want to learn how to fight too! That way... you won't have to use your powers... and you won't get into trouble for using them anymore... right?

Nina, you literally said one scene ago that Ken only uses his dragon shit to help you out. Don't make me regret all the nice things I said about you. I'm serious young lady. I'm not afraid to bench you.

This is the Rhapala Region, and that sound you hear is me opening a bottle of coconut rum and chugging through the tears. I hate Rhapala so fucking much. The only purpose of the town is padding, and it's very shallow padding at that. I hate it I hate it I hate it.

And just because I love you guys, I'm gonna do something that I REALLY don't wanna do here, but hopefully you guys will appreciate it. And if you don't I will burn your house/apartment/cardboard box outside a coffee shop with free wi-fi to the ground. THE. FUCKING. GROUND. But that's for the next update, so sleep in peace tonight.

This hut is fairly nondescript, but it has a secret

The Thunder Gene, completing our basic element trifecta and unlocking our first special dragon form!

This guy is Giotto, a Master. You need to achieve the fishing rank of Rodmaster (2000 points) to train under him, and it's so not worth it. Here's his stats:

- HP+4
- AP+3
- Power-1
- Defense-1
- Agility-1
- Intelligence-2

Basically, whoever trains under him becomes a battery of HP and AP. It's a trap though. He's basically a tutorial on just how important the core stats are, and how little HP matters. 1 point of defense is, more or less, equal to 4 HP. And his Skills are pretty garbage too. I'm glad you guys didn't vote him in, but that can change down the line.

But Rhapala is our final destination for the day. And don't let the awesome music fool you. If I die and end up in hell, my punishment will involve me getting forced to play the sections involving Rhapala over and over for eternity.


Also the symbol of the Porter's Guild is a cat, for some reason. That just makes me hate them even more.

When I was 8, my family went to visit my grandpa and grandma at their house on Tybee. One day, it was raining, so I stayed inside and watched TV. All of a sudden, their cat comes in and out of nowhere just starts clawing the shit out of me, and I spent the rest of the trip in the ER. I HATE CATS.

Dogs are the bee's fucking knees though. Love those things.

I buy the Spiked Claws for Peco and the Long Spear for Garr. Nina keeps the Magician Rod because of the Intelligence boost, and the armor is nothing we haven't seen yet.

The town is also an architectural nightmare. There's more ramps and stairs than walkways. It reminds me of Bone from 7th Saga, to be totally honest.

This guy is the Guildmaster. After asking him if we can hitch a ride on the next boat going east, he directs us to his daughter Shadis, who is being trained to run the guild.

Seriously, I hate this place. I get that it's built on the water but holy crap.


I hate these people. The chick on the left is Shadis, the big guy is Zig, the monkey midget is Iggy, and the normal looking dude is Beyd.

Talking to Shadis triggers a scene.

Iggy: Besides, Sinkar has already given Zig his seal of approval!

Beyd: That may be true... But as the person in charge of the Guild finances...

Zig: Don't you worry, Beyd! Between Shadis and me, the Guild'll be in good hands! Right, Shadis? Ha ha ha ha ha Don't be shy, Shadis! We'll make a great team, you and me! So, that's that. See ya, Beyd

Zig and Iggy exit. And it's a good thing because Zig is kinda creepy (but I wouldn't kick him out of bed)

Beyd: I'm sorry about that... I'm Beyd, the Guild bookkeeper...How can I help you? If you want to know about the ship, you'll need to talk to Miss Shadis there.

Shadis: People keep asking me about the ship... But the ship's not coming back! Understand? Oh, it gives me such a headache!

Beyd: Shadis... Just because you're not feeling good doesn't mean you can act like that in front of customers!

Shadis: Not feeling good? And whose fault do you think that is? You, you...doofus! You probably don't care if I get married to someone like Zig anyway, do you?

She runs away.

You know, a good seasoned RPG player would probably think Shadis is behind the ship breaking down. She clearly doesn't want to run the Guild. Nope, it's just broke

Talking to Beyd gives us these options. He gets awkward talking about Shadis, who he grew up with, and he clearly respects Zig as a sailor. Beyd is the guy in charge of the books at the Guild.

On the way out, Shadis apologizes and we get a similar menu.

But she doesn't really tell us anything new. She DOES mention that her dad might let you use the road, though.

No dice though. The volcano erupted recently, blocking the road.

So the party sets up camp to brainstorm ideas. Peco and Honey play.

: You mean after we came all this way, there's no boat!?

: We can't use the road, either... I guess we're stuck here then

: Maybe if we fixed the lighthouse... the boat would be able to get here. (NO! FUCK YOU MOMO! WE DON'T LIKE THE PORTER'S GUILD REMEMBER?)

: I don't think the guild'll let anyone near it no matter how good they may be with machines...

: Well, then, I guess we're stuck here!

: Say... Do you think Shadis likes Beyd?

: Well... maybe she does... But what does that have to do with anything?

: And Beyd's in love with Shadis, right? But he's too shy to tell her... I know! I'll go talk to Beyd and tell him what he needs to tell her! I mean, if he doesn't do anything, it's not fair to Shadis, is it?

You know what Nina? You're officially benched for a while because that's a horrible idea.

Oh right, that eruption? It was less of an eruption than the volcano had too much to drink too fast and spit up a bit.

Fuck Rhapala and everything in it.