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Part 25: Chapter XXIII: Peco Makes A Pun

Chapter XXIII: Peco Makes A Pun

Welcome back! Today, Ken (or rather Garr) finally meets his destiny.

And this music plays all the way through the final scene


: She sure is a busy little thing, isn't she?

While chasing down Honey, Garr learns his final spell, Inferno, after killing another Goo King.

Vampires are something you need to watch out for, and you can steal the Burglar's Garb for Rei if you wanna. While there's bats, they don't attack much, but they heal 500 damage at the end of each round. Once the bats are dead, it unleashes a fierce offense of physical and magical attacks, but it loses the regeneration. Rei's Holy Avenger wrecks their shit though.

They also have a chance of dropping the Lifestealer. It's a weaker weapon for Rei that has a chance to instantly kill the target.

I also got this for dropping a Revenant, a pallet swap of the Phantoms from Angel Tower and the weakest enemy around here. It's Nina's best armor.

I remember when I first played this game, we were studying Greek mythology, but my teacher had neglected to teach us any of the Roman names for the gods and goddesses, so I thought this was supposed to be Princess Diana's dress since it came from an undead creature.

Anyway, Honey just ran down the hallway a little ways.

And thus ends Honey's arc of running off and doing shit.

I don't know why it didn't take, but above that green line is a screen that appears in midair with a vague face in it.

.....Attention. Navigator Code for highest level functions accepted.... Access to library mode...granted.

So Honey is definitely a Navigator. That still begs the question of how she came to be with Momo.

And just past that is an elevator.

With a long ride attached to it. We're heading deep into the station now.

"Welcome... We serve the almighty goddess... Before you meet with the holy Myria, please hear our words."

There's a few of these ladies in the next couple rooms, and they explain why the world is the way it is.

"Before the coming of Myria, the world was dying... The wounded earth was being covered by sand... And the very life was being sucked out of its inhabitants."

There's some truth to that. There's some big-ass deserts in the first two games, but it's hard to say if it actually grew between the games or not.

"The grieving Myria used all her divine power... To divide the world into two halves."

"and the other..."

"The two worlds are separated by the vast and violent ocean you call the Outer Sea... Which protects your world from the desert..."

And that explains why the world is so small. That's the only inhabitable part. And look at the Lost Shore, even the part on the far side of the Factory is pretty barren. Except for...


"The majority of life that escaped death... Was taken like yourselves to the other world..."

I'd really like a timeline for when all this happened. You'd think someone would have recorded a goddess sending people across an ocean.

"It is Myria's desire to protect life... To protect your world... Even a monster's life is sacred to Myria..."

"In order to protect the life she so loved, Myria instituted many forms of safeguards and controls..."

"like weapons, are developed..."

"and keeps the study of machines from leading to potentially destructive ends..."

So basically, behind Ken and Garr, Momo is probably the biggest threat to Myria. It makes sense, doesn't it? Destroy, get rid of, or control everything that poses a threat to you?

The last "librarian" is behind this side door.

"provides the world with her magical energy..."

This is a cleverly written line. The Brood that went underground supply the world's Chrysm, not Myria. She merely drove them there. That's like saying gasoline comes from semi-trucks. Technically true, but misleading.

What's this do?

WARNING: Stepping onto this platform locks you into the final sequence! Make sure you're ready!

And Ken's prana activates one last time...

Revealing Myria. And her massive rack.

: Oh great and mighty Goddess... We have journeyed far seeking you, that we might know the truth. Oh Goddess... Tell us... Why did the Brood have to be destroyed?

Myria: Is there anyone who wishes the destruction of life? I certainly do not...However... The power of the Brood was too great... Too great for my small, small world...

Myria: As you know... This side of the world is almost entirely buried by sand......making it almost impossible for anything to survive...

Myria: I had to save the rest of the world... from the danger called the Brood...

The way she's saying this implies that the Brood are somehow causing the desert to spread. Again, there's no way that's true. If life ends, that means the Brood disappear too. What could they possibly do with a world like that? They're not a race of Kefkas.

: So what you're saying is... We should just sit back and let you take care of us, like we were your babies or something, right?

And there's that "I know what's best for you and you should just sit back and take it" attitude that works so well no matter when or where it is.

Myria: If I did not hold it back using the Outer Sea as a shield, the desert would slowly, inevitably spread across the entire world... If I did not continue to create the machines that are repaired and used worldwide, civilization as we know it would surely perish...

Again, not really. In the previous two games, most of the machines (with one notable exception) were used for malicious purposes. If anything, sending machines into the world made things worse.

: But... While we don't have the means now, someday we might be able to build our own machines...

Myria: If the world were covered by sand, your lives would be consumed with the struggle to survive --you would not be able to build anything... Even if you succeeded in creating the machines you needed... Can you say with certainty that you would not also build a weapon with which you might also destroy yourselves, Momo? In the past, this world was large... Larger than you can imagine... Many people once lived here in Caer Xhan...

Myria: And the city was swallowed by the desert...

The music cuts out for this line, which is a nice touch. I think it would be more poignant if we had a glimpse of life at Caer Xhan at some point though.

Myria: I will not make the same mistake again! I will protect you and all the life that is left!

: I understand what you're trying to say. We are weak, and maybe we do need help and protection... And the power of the Brood may be similar to the power that destroyed this city so long ago... But... what are you saying we should we do? Are you saying that Ken must die? Or that he has to spend the rest of his life locked up in some little room, in an artificial world? Like Teepo!?

And this, more than the world being in danger, sets Rei off.

: I don't like the fact that this is all being controlled by you-- that you're pulling all the strings!

He draws his knives.

: I'm just like a little kid, see? If you tell me to sit still, it just makes me want to run around more, yeah?

Garr isn't far behind. He doesn't like this either.

Nor does Momo.

: Oh Goddess... We have no desire to give Ken up to you... Nor do we wish to see him killed. Having traveled with him I can say that I do not believe that the power of the Brood is as fearsome and dangerous as you claim it to be.

: I'm shocked... that nearly the entire world is covered by sand...but... with Ken's...with our power, working together... then maybe, just maybe...

And once again, the music cuts out.

Myria summons an orange energy.

And Rei disappears.

Myria: There is no need to worry... I will erase your memories of this place, and simply return you to where you belong, Momo.

Myria: My strength is admittedly small... But it is all you have to live with. Do you understand, Nina?

Myria: Thank you for bringing Ken here... Guardian Garr...your mission is now complete.

And now Ken is left alone with Peco. We've faced worse odds than a game-breaking tank and a game-breaking guy who can transform into a dragon. Let's do--


: What about me, Myria? You didn't call my name... Don't you know who I am?

The whole party is surprised by this, and the music turns back on with the Yggdrasil theme

: You won't be able to get away with this. Not while I'm around

Myria: All I'm doing is... leading my children by the hand... giving them a world they can live in...

: Myria... these so-called children crossed the entire world to get here, and overcame the myriad barriers that you set before them! All for the sake of helping their friend, Ken, find his destiny...

Myria: ...Ken?

Myria: We will let Ken decide... What do you want to do? If you give up your power... The world will continue to live under my protection, as it has until now... Your power, which has brought you here, is too big for the world. Like the other Brood once did... Accept your fate My ...Ken...

But Ken cannot make up his mind... Not without asking his friends first...

So let's do that. Everyone except Peco has two things to say.

: puki, Ken... You have to believe in yourself, and in those who believe in you...puu

: To tell the truth, I'm really frightened. We're not strong at all... If you go against fate... Something awful might happen to the world, but... I've always believed you weren't a bad dragon... I'll always believe that, no matter what happens!

Nina's constant optimism and unwavering faith in Ken is one of the sweeter things in this game. She always trusted him, from the moment she saw him, and he's never given her reason to do otherwise. And her strength she's discovered throughout her travels makes her the most dynamic character in the game. This Nina would never have let Balio and Sunder out of their cell for a promise. She's a strong, capable, and determined woman now.

See? Optimism.

: I only know how to fix machines, y'know. But we can dig up those machines... even if they're buried under a desert, and learn from them! Even if the world is covered in sand, we'd still be able to do something, as long as we don't give up! Right?

Momo is the other optimist. But instead of being optimistic about Ken, she's optimistic about pretty much everything. She's never shied away from a challenge, and facing the unknown is exciting for her. And she's still the same ol' sweet Momo we met way back in the Tower.

: To tell the truth... All this talk about the end of the world or the desert... It's all just too big--I can't get a handle on it... You'll have to decide for yourself, Ken.

And you've gotta admire her bluntness. She's not afraid to tell it like it is.

: Hmmm...I brought you here simply because I wanted to know the truth about my own actions... It may have been a selfish reason, but... I've learned one thing from all this-- Now, more than Myria, I trust you, Ken...

Garr has made a complete 180. He's still the brooding (GET IT?! I'm so clever) warrior, but he's repenting for his past and has come to accept Ken as a good man and a good friend. He actually reminds me of Angel from the Buffyverse.

: I know it won't make up for all the Brood I killed, but... I'm glad I brought you here...

Me too Garr. Even though you mostly stayed behind unless I needed you. Or now because you're about to fight your god.

And now Rei. The one, besides Ken, whose been mostly affected by all this.

: It's because of all that nonsense she's going on about that Teepo ended up the way he did... She messed with my brother... That's the one thing I can't forgive...

Rei joined this quest to find out about himself, but to him it pales in comparison to what happened with Teepo. The core of his character is his family and the lengths he'll go to for them. In that way, he hasn't changed a bit, even if he's matured some and learned to accept other people.

: I don't care what you decide to do... I'm going to fight her. I don't know if I can win or not, but I gotta try!

And in all honesty, Rei probably would have a much easier time than Garr does.

Give up the power of the Brood and live in a peaceful world watched over by the goddess...or believe in the power of the Brood and travel into the empty desert where unknown dangers await...

And here is the branching point for the good or bad ending. The good ending is triggered after Ken decides to choose his own path. I'll show off the bad ending in the bonus update.

Of course he thought of his people, and his destiny, and Teepo... But more importantly-- He felt that if he gave up his power... He would no longer be himself...

Myria: Do you realize what it is you are trying to do? Do you? By making me your enemy... You realize you are making the whole world your enemy, don't you? I have faith that you... that the Brood are not so foolish... Come, lower your weapon...

Ken slashes her instead.

Myria: .........My poor Ken... Your great power has driven you mad. What of those who do not have such power like the Brood? They cannot live without my protection. By not giving up your power... You threaten their very existence! Just as I always believed... The Brood truly are a danger, a threat to the world...

And Peco appears to lend a helping hand.

: Not true, Myria... It just means that Life is no longer content to live in the little cage you have made for it...

Myria: Yggdrasil... No matter what you say... I will protect this world... For the sake of all life on it...

: Myria... Life in your world has been protected from the desert, and death...but that's not the same as living...

Myria: ............Ken...Son of the accursed Brood... The time for talk has ended... If you will not change your mind... It grieves me to harm you, but I have no choice... For the good of the world, you must die...

And now it's time to choose the party for the final fight. Garr is gonna single handedly take down the god he's worshiped since he was created.

Myria: It pains me... It grieves me, my children... That I must take up arms against you, against the very life I have sworn to protect... But you must understand, Ken... I can't let you... your power roam free in the world. To protect the lives of my other children I must become unto a Fury...

...Oh balls... (awesome track)

And we're finally here, the final boss, Myria. She's got all the top tier elemental spells (and one incredibly powerful non-elemental spell plus Death), can inflict every status except Silence and Egg, has a strong physical, can heal herself some, and is faster than Garr. The deck is really stacked against him here. But this fight is won in the set-up.

I didn't get a picture because I was too excited when it happened, but I got a Mist Armor while training Garr up. Blessed Armor. It ups status resistance by 2, and combined with the Protectors renders her status attacks useless. I put him under Ladon to raise his Flame and death resistance even higher, and threw on the Ice and Thunder Rings on for her magic. A Mindblock inoculation incredibly weaken her non-elemental spell (I think. I may have cast Barrier instead. It's been a while since I did this). In short, the only way she can damage Garr is with her physical attack and her now-neutered ultimate attack.

When she casts magic, those blue thingies appear. Here she's casting Sanctuary, which makes any stat changes disappear for both her and you.

Myria's got about 20,000 HP. This is a long fight.

And this is her nasty physical attack. It can still wreck Garr, since the Protectors aren't exactly the strongest armor.

This is Evil Eye. Vampires like to use it too, and it paralyzes a character. You know, if they weren't loaded up with status resistance. You can also learn it if you wanna.

And this badass looking spell is Venom. It inflicts poison, blindness, and confusion all at once on the whole party. Again, status resistance is important here.

I forgot about Sirocco. That hurts Garr some too.

This is Holocaust. And yes, that's the real name. It's her ultimate attack, and it's non elemental. It can do 150+ damage if you're not prepared.

Ah, yes. It wasn't Mindblock I used, it was Barrier. This casting got Garr. Unfortunately for me, she cast Sanctuary, cancelling out Barrier, and used Holocaust before I could get it back up. Fortunately, once she starts casting Holocaust (after losing 10,000 or so HP), she stops casting Sanctuary.

Fortunately, Garr's willpower revived him with 1 HP.

And here's Death.

And ultimately, Garr emerges victorious over his creator.

And our badass party just jumps off the platform like Garr didn't just fight a goddess and win.

And one final twist is revealed. Nina is actually Rei in disguise.

: It's over... No-- For you, it's just the beginning... It was a long, hard journey... But we did the right thing... didn't we, Ken?

Dude. This was ENTIRELY YOUR IDEA. Ken's just really susceptible to peer pressure.

: As a Guardian, my life must end here, with the goddess'... die...Go... From now on, you must walk on your own... always have the best poses...

Myria: My world...... I tried, but it wasn't enough... I fear the world will be destroyed again... What should I have done...? What could I have done...?

Myria: What should I have done with the Brood?

...Come again?

: It's for the best, Myria... You went too far in your attempt to wipe out the Brood...

Myria was a load-bearing final boss, so the station is collapsing while the party escapes.

: You've protected this world until now... In the end, that was something your children had to overcome, to go beyond... In order to walk on their own... Don't worry... They can take care of themselves better than you think... They-- and the world-- are stronger than we think......

This confuses me. In the first game, Myria is clearly evil. Maybe she's tried to repent or something and she's misguided, but she is definitely evil. But this game makes her look like some overprotective mother.

And the sisters go down together...



Nina seems to have changed clothes while the platform was exploding because that is clearly not what she was wearing. I actually prefer this outfit. Much simpler and I'm not a fan of pink anyway. That's what she wears in her official art, too.

And the party looks out into a new destiny...

Followed by a credits roll

And it looks like Peco is staying behind to do his part

After a few minutes of watching Peco, pressing some buttons causes this to happen. It lets you save your game and unlocks a few things.

See you next time for the bonus update!