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Part 10: Chapter Ten: Super Robot Wars

Now that the party has the KngKey, it’s time to return to the Tantar area and find the stone robot. Skipping over to outside Agua…

: Hmm…

: Is something the matter, Ryu?

: It’s just…if you crane your neck, you can just about see a fortress on top of Agua.

: Ryu is right. I can see it too.

: But we spent all our time underground inside the floating island section. So…there are parts of Agua that we didn’t explore.

: Perhaps, but for now it is paramount that we find the stone robot, no? Everyone, gather round.

: Whoa! We’re…in Tantar’s Dragon Shrine?

: Are you impressed? I was working on that spell for a while, but only just perfected it.

: I’m very impressed. Well done Nina, this will make our travels much easier.

: Thank you, Ryu.

: The Elder said the stone giant was to the north, didn’t he?

: I know of it. Follow me, and I will lead you there.

: It truly is enormous…

: The ancients must have had unfathomable power if they could craft such a colossus and have it move on its own.

: There is a door set into the giant’s right foot. We can enter from there and work our way up into the body.

The stone giant doesn’t have any new enemies – all of the random encounters are a hodge-podge of world map enemies and those found in Lament Woods.

: The floor is covered in stringy material…

: They seem to be channels for some kind of magic. I imagine they are akin to veins and arteries, meant to channel energy through the giant’s body and allow it to move.

: We seem to have reached the lower part of the giant’s body.

Whilst up here, Nina levels up and learns Zom1. This spell is tailored to destroy undead, and can be quite useful when facing necrotic opponents. It does zero damage against living opponents, however.

: Is that…a heart?

: I can feel a tremendous power lying dormant within that device. It seems to be a magical furnace of some kind.

: More importantly, it seems the General yet lives!

: With the robot leading Zog’s armies, the Dark Dragons will sweep across the world in a great black tide!

It’s the General again, and he seems to have been working out since we last faced him since he’s much tougher than before. His defense sucks, but his attack power has been overcharged and he can now hit both Bo and Nina for 20 - 30 damage per strike. He is also accompanied by two Lancers, who can easily finish off a wounded party member, so it’s best to take them out first before whittling the General down to nothing.

(Video – General, Second Battle)

: Desperation made him stronger, but in the end we won again.

: All that’s left is to use the key and unblock the river.

: The power in the heart is spreading through the whole body.

: We’ve restored the power, but…I don’t see anything that looks like a control panel.

: It looks like the teleportation panels have also been activated. We should investigate further and see if they lead us to a control device.

Now that the heart has been activated, we can teleport around the dungeon. We could have entered the robot at any time after leaving Winlan, but this is as far as we could have got. Now, however, we can proceed further.

Teleporters will now start appearing in dungeons after this point. In this particular case there are several different teleporters scattered around the level, and stepping on the wrong one teleports the party back downstairs to the pad in front of the heart. The pad to the north is one such, with the correct pad located at the end of the north-east corridor.

In this case, the northern teleporter is the correct choice, with the southern one leading to a chest with an Acorn in it.

: This place is really disorienting…I can barely tell where we are anymore…

: I think this is the right way…the magical energy is growing more focused the further we go, at least.

: This pillar is exactly like the one I saw at Nanai.

: There is an indentation in the very centre. Ryu, try slotting the key inside.

: The last time a pillar like this was tampered with resulted in an entire city being destroyed. What if something similar happens this time?

: I am sure it will be fine, Ryu. The robot is nowhere near a settlement, and the people of the Twin Towns are counting on us.


: Time to see if the robot can accept commands.

(Video – Stone Giant Walk)

: Robot, use your power to destroy the rock!

The robot then uses its Getter Beam to blast the rock and release the river.

: Yes, although I suspect the results of our handiwork means they’ll already know of our success.

The robot now stands next to the lake. I rather suspect that the reason for the odd ‘sight cone’ style movement in the video above was because the designers couldn’t figure out how to properly animate it walking over things.

: Thank you so much, Ryu. You and your companions have saved both of our villages from a slow death. You are a true hero and we are forever in your debt.

: You are too kind, sir. I was simply in the right place at the right time.

: It is the peculiar ability of a hero that lets him be in the right place at the right time, is it not? Regardless, you have our thanks.

: A wedding?

: Yes. It has been planned for some time. The wedding between Terry and Amelia will unite our two settlements for many years to come. We should talk to the Tantar chief as well and see what he has to say about things.

: Greetings, Ryu. Oh, and Bo is here too? Excellent. I am given to understand that you three are the ones who saved our town. You have our gratitude.

: Elder, about the marriage…

: Yes, the marriage will go ahead as soon as Terry is well enough to stand. Before then, there is another matter, however. The recent incident with the Dark Dragons has made me quite nervous.

: Zog’s actions concern us all, chief.

: Indeed. With that said, I do not believe we can afford to hope for another miracle should Zog decide to try for the Ring once more. I believe it would be safest if you took the Ring with you on your travels.

: A-are you sure that’s wise, chief? The Ring is our treasure! To give it to an outsider…Ah, I’m sorry, Ryu. I meant no offense.

: Don’t worry, Bo, I understand. If the chief truly thinks it wise then I will take the Ring, but only if he is sure.

: I am. We hid the Ring away so the Dark Dragons wouldn’t be able to steal it from us.

: It is hidden in a cave upstream.

And with that, this update is over. Next time the party faces a boss that can be best described as a wall of pure pain, and I showcase one possible way of beating him.