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Breath of Fire

by Scintilla

Part 42: Chapter Forty Two: Jade Empire


: Uh…

:…! I know that voice! It’s…!

: Sara!

: Sara, you’re alive!

: Yes. I was defeated and captured, then brought here. Unfortunately I wasn’t strong enough to protect Drogan.

: If you had not done what you did, then none of this would have ever happened.

: Thank you all for helping Ryu.

: I’ve been looking forward to the day that we could celebrate together.

: So have I, sister.

: However…

: There is still one problem.

: Tyr’s Keys…right?

: Yes, that’s right. Jade, Zog’s top commander, is still alive somewhere. No doubt he plans to continue Zog’s plan to revive the Goddess.

: What do you suggest, sister?

: Is that even possible? And would it really stop Tyr from being released?

: Yes – if done correctly. If the princess and the sorceress combine their powers with mine, it should be possible to shatter the Keys.

: Then…we could end the threat of Tyr for good?

: Yes.

: Alright. Here, take the Keys.

: Ha.

: Excellent work, Sara.

: What…what’s going on?! Sara?! What is this?!

: You’ve done well, Sara.

: Hello there. I don’t believe we’ve met – allow me to introduce myself. I am Jade, Commander of Emperor Zog’s armies. Although, with Zog and most of his generals dead…I suppose that makes me ‘Emperor Jade’ now. Oh, and by the way…

: Fiend! What have you done to Sara?!

: Are you worried about your sister, Ryu? With my spell, I have total control over her!

Jade teleports away…

: I’d love to stay and chat, but you’ll soon be dead anyway, and corpses tend not to make good conversationalists.

: Arrgh! It’s not fair! Everything we did was for nothing! FOR NOTHING!!!

:…Ryu, please calm down…getting angry will not solve anything. Instead, we should look for a means to escape this place.

:…*Sigh*, you’re right, Ox. I’m sorry. How about in the corner over there? Mogu, do you think you could dig through it if Ox weakened the masonry?

: I don’t know…let’s take a look…

: Hey, fearless leader! Look behind us!

: Ha. So miracles really can happen.

: I’m not questioning it. Let’s go!

: Hey, what’s going on here?

: I am Ryu, and these are my companions. We have defeated Emperor Zog and are now in pursuit of his commander, Jade.

: That’s right. Now-

: Amazing! He dug through the bedrock like it was nothing!

: Let’s follow him!

: Where is this?

: Ah! These are the slave quarters in Scande! We can just walk out the door and be back in the citadel!

: Nina, please take us to Agua!

: Of course!

We’ve been through here before, so I’ll just skip right up to the top.

: By the way, Bleu, what exactly is Agua anyway? It has something to do with the goddess, right?

: Yes. Agua contains a teleportation device linked with Pagoda, the tower where Tyr lies sealed. The device can only be activated by someone who has all the Keys.

: Sara!

:…Ugh…Ryu…I…can’t…resist him…

: Sara, don’t give up! You can beat him!

:…No. No! Lord Jade is supreme!

: After her!

: Jade!

: Oh, my. You escaped? Congratulations! Unfortunately, it really makes no difference at this point.

: And so the towers of Pagoda rise once again. What a marvelous sight.

: You fool! Do you really think you can control Tyr, when an entire clan of the strongest beings this world has ever known could not?!

: Yes. Now I really must be going.

: Come on everyone! If we can catch up to Jade we can still fix things!