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Part 51: Extra Content, Part VI

It's time to post some more extras. In terms of character art I'm pretty much all out, so have some Boss and Nina transformation art instead.


Character Roster

Okay, so I lied - I have one last bit of character art. Here's the entire party ready to kick ass and take names. Apart from Mogu, who doesn't seem to know where he is or what's going on.


Great Bird Nina

It took a while but we finally have Breath of Fire's airship surrogate. The red feathers are what really make this picture work in my opinion.


Boss Art

First we have a mix of normal enemies and bosses. Alas SSJ Hair Frog, the day was not yours.

Knight, Pog, Wisp and the Wizard of Karma, presumably seconds before getting their shit kicked in.

Oh, you guys...

Some other guys as well as Gremlin, seconds before kicking my shit in.