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Part 53: Extra Content, Part VIII

The game is over, but the flood of concept art is not. With that in mind, here is some more boss art.


Boss Art

Cort, Mote and Sara are first up. The player probably won't be seeing Mote's true form in-game except perhaps momentarily due to his pixellation gimmick.

Next is Cerl, Goda and a Morte variant. Goda looks very similar to Stone Man from Megaman if you ask me.

Here's Zog's Dragon form. Now we can finally see what the rest of him looks like.

Our good friend Jade better look out for arm-canon wielding power-armored bounty hunters if he wants to keep his monster look in the future.

Tyr's rockin' the mutant Queen Alien look. It just screams 'classic final boss'.


Other Art

I find Rudra's toothy grin to be slightly unsettling. He also appears far redder than his in-game sprite for some reason.

Tyr's normal form, having suffered a very bad case of red-eye. She's not very photogenic.

A random doodle of a fight sequence.


The Secret of the BrokenSD

For the longest time there have been rumours that the BrokenSD can be repaired. You know the sort - if you talk to the blacksmith in Tantar fifty times he'll turn the BrokenSD into a +900,000 sword of Godsmiting, or some such. As with most rumours, it simply isn't true. However, the BrokenSD does hold a peculiar secret that has only recently been discovered.

A couple of years ago, a GameFAQ's poster by the name of Novalia_Spirit was digging through the SNES version's code in order to touch up his Item Guide with new information. When he came to the BrokenSD...

Novalia_Spirit posted:

Anyway, to get back to the BrokenSD, now that all of my disassemblies have been fully cleaned up of bad code, scanning the files to see if any undocumented item-related instruction would emerge was in order. While doing so, I came across such a function that could basically be translated to this:

Load leader's weapon
Is it BrokenSD?
Branch if not
(Some code)

In short, equipping the BrokenSD at a certain time will trigger a line of code that changes something in the game. After some experimenting, it was determined that the sword had to be equipped during the fight with Tyr and that the code would activate once the qualifications for the Good Ending were met. If that happens, a very special someone would turn up in Drogan at the end of the game.

It's Chun-Li again!

This amazing discovery comes with an unfortunate helping of bad news. It seems to be impossible to trigger this event in the GBA version of the game. I tried fighting Tyr with the BrokenSD equipped numerous times but Chun-Li never showed up. I even tried fighting her without using Agni against her true form but it still didn't work. Even so, it's a neat little easter egg, so if you have plans to play the SNES version of this game at any point then be sure to remember not to throw away the BrokenSD.

For those who are curious, the original GameFAQs topic is here.