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Part 14: Bonus 1: Conspiracy theories - The witch cult

Right, gonna try something a little different here.

So Bureau 13 is a game about paranormal stuff, right? And I have to admit, Late-Night AM coast to coast is one of my guilty pleasures. I love listening to it. In case you don't know, it's a dumping ground for the craziest of the crazy conspiracy stuff.

I was a big paranormal buff in my younger days, and some of that is probably responsible for this LP. Add to that the fact that I really like expanding my horizons with LPs, and I think we have a good formula for a new thing to try.

WEIRD TALES OF THE BIZARRE is my new proposed section. In it, I'll take some element from the game (be it a player character, location, antagonist, incidental set-piece, etc.), and do an informative bit about it.

It's HISTORY with pretty backgrounds and graphics and stuff! Now, obviously I don't want to dump ALL the text on you, so they'll be pretty streamlined (simplified). I've left, for instance, a lot of details about templars, various authors, and a romantic anti-enlightenment supernatural craze out of this particular update. I'll try to include very important figures and dates in future updates, which I can already see vampires, top-secret government agencies, rogue AI programs, and gang stalking being possible topics of!

I want it to be clear that I myself am not a conspiracy theorist, and so any wild speculations are NOT my opinion, but are included for the sake of giving those conspiracy folks a voice in their own section.

(WARNING these are massive graphics. Well not THAT bad, but still. Be ready)

This section is of course riffing off of our own witch, Selma Gray. She mentions in-game being a "white witch", as differentiated from a black witch, like Veronica Cotton. We could interpret that to mean that she deals with the "power inherent in nature", as described by early Christians, as opposed to the consorting with demons and practicing necromancy stuff.

Well, we DO know that there's a demon involved in this, so presumably that's the black magic part! Selma also mentions belonging to a coven at one point, so we can take it that there are a number of magically-inclined folk in the B13 world.

I don't know if you've divined this (no pun intended) or not, but this LP is sort of serving as a trial for a lot of ideas. About those:

1) I really like writing the Alex invading the Nazis story, and I'm going to finish it no matter what you ingrates think.

2) I'm happy to keep the LiveJournals going, if people enjoy them. They haven't exploded into their own plotlines in my head like I'd thought they would, but it's extremely possible that that's because of laziness, and not a lack of interest in the medium. If people are reading them, I want to give them a more fair shot. Do you read them? Do you not? It won't hurt my feelings (much, you jerks). Let me know either way!

3) Do you like weird tales of the bizarre? Want it to keep going? Want one thing in particular to be next? I'm not even demanding that it be in-game, really, as long as it's a neat piece of conspiracy theory that I can dive into!

Updated music list, next update, and fancier titles is coming for the first page.

The writing contest is still on, you chumps! I know at least 2 writers are making progress on further stories, so feel free to jump in for that free thingum!