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by Frankomatic

Part 7: Spring 1958: Post-Vote

Alright, first off, the 10 MBs have been paid to stop the 10% penalty which may or may not have actually happened. Also, here are the Astronauts that have been hired, and their new stats that you can now see:

Grissom: Cap 3, LM -1, EVA 0, Dock 1, End 1
Slayton: Cap 4, LM -1, EVA 0, Dock 0, End 1
Kincheloe: Cap 3, LM 0, EVA -1, Dock 1, End 1
Walker: Cap 3, LM -1, EVA -1, Dock 0, End 0
Wood: Cap 1, LM 1, EVA -1, Dock -1, End 1
Cooper: Cap 2, LM 1, EVA 0, Dock -1, End 3
Schirra: Cap 2, LM 0, EVA 0, Dock 0, End 1

There's a small bit of random chance involved in the stats, as you can see. They are all currently in Basic Training I, but you can withdraw any of them from Basic at any time. Basic should, however, get rid of those ugly negative numbers if you let them finish it out. Purchases and such are next:

Research done on the Explorer and Atlas. You're in pretty good shape on both of these guys.

Your first capsule program has been purchased! You can now launch unmanned missions using it immediately. If you wish to do a manned mission, you need to have a Primary and Backup flight crew available to assign to it. Unfortunately, even if you yanked two people out of training in the Fall to assign them to the Mercury program, the first season they're assigned puts them in 'Training' status, not Active, so you still won't be able to schedule a manned mission until the following season. ...not that you would as this thing is currently a metal coffin.

Lastly, I scheduled your launch for April as requested by what appears to be the most popular proposed spending. I also set up a backup launch for next season as some people suggested as there's no cost involved for scrubbing it if you don't need it. With all of this said and done, you have 16 MB left for the next season. Before we get to that, however...

We've... re-educated the scientists amd Khrushchev is in. All seems well, for the moment. Aside from only having fifty two MB compared to the American 85 starting MB. Ouch.

Some Research is done, a few corners cut on Sputnik to try and save a little money. I also hire up a set of Cosmonauts. I think I'll keep my guys stats to myself, as they're not at all relevant to your situation.

I can't really afford to rush my launch, Safety or MB wise... due to the amazingly shitty budget I was granted, I can't really afford to NOT launch either, so this is an all or nothing deal. Those almost nevet go well, so a backup launch has been scheduled similar to yours. With only 19 MB left for the rest of my year, I make a rather tough decision to NOT buy a capsule program just yet... it'd eat almost everything I have left and I might need that money to try and make the next Sputnik launch go a little smoother. Speaking of launches...

Here they are