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Part 29: Fall 1963: Post-Vote

One mission canceled, and the future plans.

One big ass rocket and one fancy lunar module funded.

And lastly, some research into jump jets a small booster rocket.


A small bit of luck, how novel. I was expecting some sort of storm to roll in and blow up one of my launchpads or something.

I don't think that really helped as much as it could have, but 22% isn't bad. Rest of the money is being saved up for the other very large purchase I need to make. Would've saved it all, but honestly you can't just let a research event go by completely untapped.

Fall 1963 Launch

I'm pretty sure that was longer than a duration A mission, but them's the breaks I guess. You guys sure seem to be having a hell of a time with those Capsule + Endurance checks. Oh well, there's always 1964 for getting this extremely tricky Duration D mission out of the way, right?