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Part 37: Fall 1965: Post-Vote

Research doesn't really go that well this season... to the point that the Saturn V did not pass the threshold you guys voted on to keep the Lunar Pass running.

Since you also wanted to cancel the Docking Test (with good reason, kind of expensive to buy all that stuff for 3% safety and no other gain), this leaves you with no launches happening this season.

In other news, I scheduled the two missions you guys wanted. Lunar Orbital is at -7, which the game still considers to be only the 'minor danger' (yellow) zone. It doesn't start throwing Red at you until -10. I also set up the new teams, breaking up the 2 that had a retiring member in them to make them all fit. I left Armstrong/Schirra in for the moment as they seem to be doing alright.


This is probably the best news message ever. Paying this off is getting backburnered as the thing's not getting launched for a while anyway.

Dumping the last bit of my money for the year into the Cosmos before shooting it off into space seems wise.

Now to hope it the dangerous Proton rocket that I didn't pay to fix doesn't violently explode!

Might as well schedule one of these guys up too, just for grins. It's unlikely I'll be able to do more than one season of research anyway. Now to hope for the best!

Fall 1965 Launch

I'm honestly a little surprised that went okay. We may be losing the Lunar race, but we know more about a totally unrelated wireframe sphere in the sky than you do now. ...I also have no idea why this came up as 'Cosmos II'. I'm pretty confident Cosmos I never happened.

Also, see? Stop being so worried about explosions and your pixels mans. Risks work out just fine. Always.