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Original Thread: Ramirez! Let's Play Modern Warfare 2


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Do you remember how FPS games used to be? Remember the timeless classics like Doom, Quake, Daikatana, and the like? Well, forget all that. We're in the modern age, where people have the ability to regenerate themselves at will and the world is constantly being threatened by... something or other. Regardless, this is Modern Warfare 2, successor, obviously, to the 'box-office smash' CoD4: Modern Warfare. Boasting pretty damn good graphics and a storyline that will make you cry one way or another, MW2 carried on from where the first game left off.

The world's in shambles after tireless fighting regarding... some unspecified middle-eastern nation's insurgency over their government, as well as Russian ultranationalists making bold moves in their respective theater. We were tasked with stopping the incessant spread of strife and war through strategic strikes throughout the world. Long story short, you save the day, get shot a lot in the process, and the world isn't in danger anymore.

Five years later, we're back at it, because apparently things weren't as we thought they would be. The Russians now resent the U.S. for their actions and the main villain from the first game is now seen as an idol. In short, shit's a big mess and it's up to us again to fix it.

Regardless, that's enough about the story; no one plays CoD games for their story anyway. As for the game itself, it was released on November 10, 2009 to pretty great reviews--most of which being centered on the multiplayer experience. It has currently sold over 22 million copies over the world and is generally seen as a pretty big success.

What can you expect from the LP? Well, for starters, a 100% playthrough of the singleplayer campaign, getting all intel items. You can also expect multiplayer updates as well as a complete run-down of the Special Ops mode. Grayfawks, who is also doing his own thing over here, will be joining me as a fellow Call of Duty enthusiast, and will be providing the game's plethora of negatives while I try and focus on what the game did right.

As for thread rules, there's only two.

1. No dickwaving contests or CoD game arguments - This one should be really self-explanatory. No one cares about your 100-2 game or whether you think Black Ops was infinitely superior to MW2 (it's not). Keep that shit out of here.

2. No open spoilers - I honestly don't mind if you spoil the game; the story's the weak point here anyway. What I do care is if you leave them untagged. Be courteous and tag 'em.

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