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Original Thread: Crisis on Infinite Wards - Modern Warfare 3



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As Call of Duty came to be more and more popular due to the grand success of Modern Warfare (CoD4 if you're one of those purist types), the quality of games that Infinity Ward pushed out plummeted. We've already seen the first wave of destruction as the IP started slowly withering into pure action movie cliche, and now it's time we moved to its slow, agonized death moan.

Modern Warfare 3 was released in November 2011 by Activision--but this time developed by a trio of in-house studios. First you have, obviously, the remnants of post-Zampella/West Infinity Ward, after their contract tiff with Activision. Second was Raven Software, introduced into the fold as an outsource for the multiplayer DLC, after making games such as the Wolfenstein rehash as well as their very own original, Singularity--both having been major let-downs financially. Lastly there's Sledgehammer Games, whose first title was to be a third person Call of Duty game, that project being backburnered so they could work on this.

As expected, MW3 was critically acclaimed--it was a CoD title, it was fuckin' great, it was exciting! Except, in reality, it was only one of those three things, and I'm willing to bet you can guess which. MW3 is the stale remnants of the two preceding games, blatantly trying to one-up the emotional factor while dialing the action meter to 12. Where it tried, it failed. The only place it excels is in the graphical and musical departments, having a "brand-new" (read: re-hashed) engine powering it, and a pretty decent action movie soundtrack to go alongside it.

As for story, we begin exactly where we left off. World's in a shitty state, Shepherd fucked up, and now Makarov's running loose and causing havoc while Soap recuperates from his stab wound. Thanks to our brilliant efforts in the previous game, Russia is invading the United States, and once again, we as the player are called upon to stop all of it. Y'know, like you do.

Joining me once more for commentary is my partner in CoD, Grayfawks. Whereas in MW2 it was easy to kind of like the game, here, it really isn't. Therefore, we'll be exploring exactly how the game failed, and what the hell went wrong.

Also making a return is the 100% intel singleplayer run, as well as the complete Spec Ops catalog, played by Lazyfire and I.

Thread rules are the same as last time, but here they are again as a refresher:

1. No dickwaving contests or CoD game arguments

2. No open spoilers

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