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Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow

by PMush Perfect

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Original Thread: Get Your Medusa Head In The Game - Let's Play Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow!



Released in 2003, Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow is one of the last and best Metroidvanias made for the Gameboy Advance.

After Dracula's final defeat in 1999, he and his castle were sealed into the eclipse because reasons. In 2035, Soma Cruz and his fabulous coat were sucked into the eclipse, and now he must conquer the castle and absorb the monsters' powers in order to escape, and find his girlfriend a personality. The game's story is simple and predictable, but it does what needs to be done, and provides a twist that is, if not surprising, at least creative, and takes the series in a new direction.

We're gonna be ignoring all of that shit.

My name is PMush Perfect, and I am going to be performing a challenge run. Specifically to spite this game's RPG elements, I am going to be completing the entire game without ever killing a single unnecessary enemy, up to the true final boss, Chaos.

How's this gonna work?
This is going to be a hybrid LP of a sort. On Normal, I will be completing each section in a single run, with deaths mostly edited out, using subtitles to explain the strategies and quirks of this particular challenge. Then, once you know what I'm supposed to be doing, Hard will be a montage of my many, many deaths (and occasional successes) for two co-commentators to bathe in schadenfreude and laugh at me sucking at video games. There will be a rotating roster for the latter, so if you have a mic and a sense of humor and you want in on this, shoot me a PM.

Spoiler Policy
I would prefer we avoid gameplay spoilers, because for anyone who does not know the game, I don't want to ruin the surprise of just how I'm going to get my ass kicked. Story spoilers, I'm much more lax about, and won't really be paying any attention to. If you'd like a more standard run of the game, I recommend Garin's Hard Mode LP. It's definitely not a bad story, just not what I'm here for.

Normal Mode

Hard Mode

Featuring Herr Tog and UZWorm

Featuring Herr Tog and CirclMastr

Hard Mode discontinued because, frankly, I'm just not good enough.


Featuring Castleween!
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