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Castlevania Chronicles

by Fiendly

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Original Thread: Whip out the D. Let's Play Castlevania Chronicles & Castlevania: Bloodlines



This is a 2001 release done in the style of the classic Castlevania series. In fact, it's a remake of the very first Castlevania, originally made in 1993 but never released outside Japan until this Playstation port. The '93 version appears on the disc exactly as it was when first released, but they also added an Arrange Mode with reduced and adjustable difficulty, a different design for the player character, and a new soundtrack, as well as some other minor changes. We'll be focusing on the Arrange Mode for this LP, checking out the most updated release of this surprisingly good-looking and well-designed Castlevania remake.

I also recommend you take some time to watch KingEffingFrost's LP of the original Castlevania. It's a quick and highly skilled run that will give you an idea of what inspired the creators of Chronicles, and you might better appreciate the many, many things they changed along the way.

Videos: (Playlist)
The Monastery

The Underground Aqueduct

The Courtyard

The Red-Brick Cathedral

The Clock Tower

The Floating Corridor

The Torture Chamber/Laboratory

Count Dracula's Tower

Bonus material:
Full soundtrack
  • Illustration Gallery by Ayami Kojima
  • Interview with producer
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