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by kloudtana

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Original Thread: Grinding for Souls and Profit: Let's Play the DS Castlevania Trilogy!



Grinding for Souls and Profit: Let's Play the DS Castlevania Trilogy!

I love the Castlevania series. It's consistently been one of my favorite video game IPs for pretty much ever. The trio of "Castletroid" (or Metroidvania) games released throughout the DS' lifespan are some of my favorites from the series. The games get a bad rap from some because of the grind-y nature of the games and the departure in difficulty from the series' roots. I personally find them hella fun despite any well-articulated arguments to the contrary. Joining me for commentary will be my friends Gubbin from the forums, and Bryce, who doesn't have an account. We'll be trading off people occasionally as well.

Up first the the lineup is Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, which is the sequel to the Gameboy Advance game Aria of Sorrow. This is the only game in the series that is a direct sequel, as it stars the same main character and many of the same abilities and mechanics. It utilizes a soul system that grants you abilities as you kill enemies. This is where the grinding comes in, as every enemy has a unique soul, and each soul (bar a few special ones) can be upgraded nine times.
There are three types of souls:
-Bullet: These are activated by pressing up+attack, a la typical Castlevania games. They use MP with each use.
-Guardian: These are activated by holding R, and drain MP over time.
-Enchant: These are passive, and do not consume MP.
There is also proper equipment that comes in the form of weapons, armor, and accessories.

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Here's the intro cinematic, courtesy of Admiral H. Curtiss. (BD Mirror)

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