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by taxidermistpasta

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Original Thread: Castlevania III: Huckin' Daggers With Midgets ( ^___^) - Video


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This is a let's play for Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse. It is totally serious.

The japanese translated version of this game is what I am playing due to it's amazing music capabilities, which were ommitted from the North American & European releases. Probably because the sheer awesomeness of two additional channels in Castlevania music would have rotted the minds of America's youth.

Additionally there are several graphical changes (such as seeing ta-ta's) that your North American round eyes weren't meant to see. But I shall bring them to you as a renegade LPer shall!

The Hero!

Trevor C. Belmont
This man makes sarsaparilla out of demon's blood.

Cast of Possibly Playable Characters (based on where you guys tell me to go!)

Grant DaNasty
CAN CHANGE THE DIRECTION OF HIS JUMP MID-JUMP, can climb (hump) walls. Basically he's amazing, and in the jap version he's even more awesome!

Sypha Belnades
Instead of sub-weapons she gets spells! FIRE BOOM BOOM OTHER STUFF FREEZE! You gotta beat the shit out of a cyclops to get her I think.

Symphony got nothing on this version of Alucard!... not really who woulda known the bastard was actually a steadily balding middled-aged freak. He shoots balls in up to 3 directions and can turn into a bat! (while wasting hearts).

Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
Session 5
Session 6
Session 7 - The most offensive and racist Let's Play ever (w/ with a special buddy for commentary)
Session 8 - Alucard hangs out for this session
Session 8 HORRIBLE MACHOIST EDITION! (turndown your volume for masochist edition, 14:50 minutes in there is a loud FAHK, also DON'T FUCKING WATCH masochist EDITION!) - Currently Missing
Session 9 (chronologically the third) - Tipps, Vollipopmambo, Dipwood, CHECK OUT SYPHA
Session 9 Outtake 1 (chronologically the first) - Currently Missing
Session 9 Outtake 2 (chronologically the second) - Currently Missing
Session 10 Part 1
Session 10 Part 2
Session 10 Part 3
Session 11 - The finale?!
Session 12
Session 13
Session 14
Session 15
Session 16
Session 17
Session 18- Sypha Ending
Session 19 AMERICAN GRANT FIGHTS DRACULA - American Grant ending
Session 20 Alucard is a horrible son and should die - Alucard Ending

Bonus 1 MYSTERY DISC!!@!U@H)(@HO - Currently Missing
Bonus 2 BLAHBLAHBLHABLH - Currently Missing
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