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Part 2: Stage 2

Told you about the creative stage names.

It's been four days or so since I edited this video and I had to watch it again just to remember the stage. It might be even less memorable than the first because that at least had the (stupid) trap candles, this one has...badly programmed Boo skulls...? That's like double spooky. Consider this in the spirit of Halloween or something.

Oh, right, it's super dumb how the "secret" passages in this game work. It's going to get even worse as the levels get (how???) even longer.

The boss (Death Dragon , slain by Drac himself then resurrected!!!) might be quite difficult if it didn't die so fast. I think it'd be fine if I was just more patient, however it doesn't require me to learn it, so...why should I?


Inside the Castle (Stage 2)