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Castlevania: Rondo of Blood

by Static_Fiend

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Original Thread: When Ryu was a vampire hunter: let's play Rondo of Blood.



Developer/Publisher: Konami
Released: October 29, 1993 (Japan only)
Platform: PCEngine

Table Contents
Intro* - GrimFiend, Viddler

Richter Path played by Static Fiend
Prologue Intro - GrimFiend, Viddler

Stage 1 - Guest: Evil Tim - GrimFiend, Viddler.
Stage 2 - Guests: Garin, Duet, Jowy, and Mechanical Hand - GrimFiend, Viddler
Stage 3 - Guest: Krakhan - GrimFiend, Viddler
Stage 4 - Guests: Duet, Garin - GrimFiend, Viddler
Stage 5 - Guest: medibot - GrimFiend, Viddler
Stage 6 - Guest: Oyster - GrimFiend, Viddler
Stage 7 - Guests: Krakhan, Duet, Garin - GrimFiend, Viddler
Stage 8 - Guest: Evil Tim - GrimFiend, Viddler

Maria Path played by Evil Tim (Unfinished)

Stage 1 - Viddler, Dailymotion
Stage 2 - Viddler, Dailymotion
Stage 3 - Viddler, Dailymotion
Stage 4 - Viddler, Dailymotion

????? - GrimFiend, Viddler
Painting Death - GrimFiend, Viddler
Stage 4 Boss without getting hit - GrimFiend, Viddler
Stage 8 Bloopers - GrimFiend, Viddler

Castlevania Legends bonus
Stages 1-3 - Guests: Garin, Oyster - GrimFiend, Viddler

Haunted Castle bonus
Haunted Castle - Guests: Syvalion, coinbox, RChimpCola - GrimFiend
*There are two lines that do not have any real translation, and in fact in Japanese puts emphasis on the previous line, or I had to fudge. Do not worry this is totally intentional and we got the story across just as well.

Say wasn't this that Castlevania game released in Japan only?
Yup, it's also the prequel to Symphony of the Night which many of you know (by 5 years in the timeline), it also features Maria as a playable character though she's only 12 in this game.

So how is Maria any different?
She's horribly overpowered, basically anything Richter can do, Maria can do it 10 times better. She has a ranged attack that fires a small bird and she can fire 3 at once. All her subweapons are based off of small animals as well.

How will this work?
Well the game features an alternate path so Evil Tim and I will be showing off both paths as well as both characters. Evil Tim will be using Maria as this is largely his first time playing the game as well as doing the alt path 1-8 (levels 2' to 5' change), I will be doing levels 1-8 as Richter.

Is there anything else neat about this one?
Sure, it was the first to feature a full CD soundtrack, and also has lots and lots of throwbacks to the original games which I will do my best to point out. Also we will be translating dialog (what little there is) however it will not be a literal translation, instead Garin and I are somewhat rewriting it, so if you note the translation is a little different from what is actually being said we're well aware.
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