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Original Thread: Castlevania: The Adventure of Chillstopher

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This image is about a thousand times more action-packed than the game itself

Hello everybody! This is a short but hopefully sweet look at a short and rather bitter classic Game Boy title. Four videos, as in-depth as I can present this shallow-ass game, and that's it. I have not experienced even a second of the sequel, but if you find my presentation here exciting enough, I guess I could be convinced to do Chillstopher II: Decidedly Unchill Edition.

This is only the fifth entry in the Castlevania franchise, and that is including an MSX and arcade title most people probably don't know. It was released shortly after Castlevania II: Simon's Quest, just half a year into the Game Boy's lifespan. Considering how early that is, I wouldn't call it a typical example of NES games being "downported" to the handheld, but maybe it was a trendsetter? Similarly to other games I've LP'd, like Mega Man I-V and Donkey Kong Land, Castlevania: The Adventure is also not a straight port, but a completely standalone game with new levels, systems and story. The latter is your typical "Dracula has arisen again, kill his ass" Castlevania fare, with the only point of interest being that this game's point in the storyline has apparently the source of some confusion, because originally, both it and CVIII were supposed to be 100 years before CVI, but with different protagonists. To the best of my knowledge, it was later retconned to be in fact in-between the two, keeping with the tenuous theme of "Dracula comes back every 100 years". Though the sequel is set 15 years after Adventure, with the antagonist being...Dracula again. You know, whatever.

Meet Chillstopher Belmont.

He does not want to be in this game, but he has to because he is a Belmont. Granddad (?) Trevor failed to properly prepare this lazy bastard for his destiny of vampire hunting, I'm afraid. Chillstopher is the most relatable protagonist in video game history, because he is exactly as agile, motivated and strong as your average player would be in his situation. His only reprieve is that the game is mercifully short, but that is the only mercy he'll get.

I found and uploaded scans for you! It's important because it's 1989 and you had to read this to figure out what all the buttons do...not really. But check out those hot tips like "look up but also down you blind fucking idiot". I'm also moderately sure that it's "Mud Man", and "Zeldo" is not a Primary Evil boss, sadly, he's everywhere. Also really wanna know what up with "The She Worm".

I don't think these stages have official names, so I'm gonna invent some.

Bonus: All candles in the right to left part of Stage 3, including a useless hidden wallcandle.

It's pretty dope for how little there is, a definite high point of the game! The only track I don't like is the second level's BGM.

Battle of the Holy [Stage 1]
Darkness [Stage 2]
Death Fair [Stage 3]
Revenge [Stage 4]

Kill! Kill! Kill! [Boss Theme]
Gate to Hell [Final Boss Pt 1]
Evil Devil [Final Boss Pt 2]
The Legend of Dracula [Staff Roll]
Reprise [The End]
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