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Original Thread: Castlevania (NES) - Simon's quest for money, love and wanton destruction!





Hello everybody. As you may know, Castlevania might be one of the largest series to be ever created out there by Konami. There's been over 20 games released in this series for almost every single console out there. Games like Symphony of the Night defined how 2D gaming is meant to be done. There are still games being made for the series as of today, like Portrait of Ruin for the Nintendo DS, which was released in 2006.

However, we will stay clear from all those modern times and go back to where the series begun. We're going to be looking at Castlevania, for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

What is this?

Castlevania (also known as Akumajō Dracula) was first released in Japan on September 1986 on the Famicom Disk System. North Americans and Europeans had to wait until 1987 for the game to be ported to the NES before they were able to play it. Additionally, some crazy nutty people have also ported the game to systems like the Commodore 64, the PC and the Amiga. Finally, the game has a new permanent home on the Wii's Virtual Console. Right now, we'll focus on the NES version, since this is the better version out there. There will most likely be videos showcasing the other versions briefly, for comparison value.

You play the part of Simon Belmont, a member of a family which is sworn to destroy Dracula anywhere he goes and hide. Who know what the Belmonts got against poor hapless vampires, but it's your job to ensure that this bastard and his minions are throughfully exterminated. Using a swiss, fully-upgradeable whip as well than weapons like throwing daggers, axes, holy water and a cross which acts like a boomerang, you're going to kick a lot of butt.

And, it certainly won't be any simple. You get nasty characters like ghosts, knights, bats, monkeys (or demons or hunchbacks, I call them monkeys okay), stupid birds and some more delightful critters. The big baddies are no easier, as well. You get to fight off legendary figures from the horror and gothic realm, like Frankenstein and... Death itself. Yikes!

Luckily enough, it happens that Simon Belmont is the greatest badass vampire hunter out there. It's up to yours truly to guide him to the end of his quest!

Anything special and weird going on here?

Castlevania has already been known to be a hard game, but we're going to elevate the hurdles a bit more. In this thread, I'll play through the entirety of this game without getting hit. EVER! And obviously, savestates are out of question as well; this isn't a romhack and a TAS run, after all. We're going to show this game that no matter how challenging it might be, someone will be stupid enough to take the time to completely master it!

Additionally, chances are that I'll also play through the second quest of the game, which features even more enemies and which make it so that every single enemy in the game hits you for maximum damage. I had an idea about doing a leather whip only run through the game, without using powerups. However, I'm open to any possible challenges you might have when we finally get there! As long as it's humanely possible, of course.

I've been living under a rock and never played the game somehow? How does it look like?

Staring contests are back! Pheew, this dragon has some severely bad breath for an undead being.

This monkey will need a proctologist in a few seconds.

This pitty menagerie will not stop the Belmont from killing Dracula, despite the total absence of logic!

As always, this will be a video Let's Play thread since I just don't think this game would be as interesting or funny with text. Besides, how could you prove with text and screenshots that I'm never going to be hit, anyway? This doesn't make any sense!

Anyway, let's get this thing started! Since this is Halloween today, I decided to try something... different for the first update. Just to put everyone on the spirit of this holiday, I managed to dig up an alternate version of the game, which we will be playing today! Regular programming should resume soon after, although the definition of "regular" should be quite twisted in this case. Anyway, hope you enjoy the thread!


Level 1 - Castle Courtyard - Halloween EditionGoogle Dailymotion
Level 2 - Guard Tower - No Hits, No KillsGoogle Dailymotion
Level 3 - The Castle's Roof - RuinsGoogle Dailymotion
Intermission: Let's Play Castlevania - DOS version!Google Dailymotion
Level 4 - Underground River, Monkey Ruins, FRANKENSTEIN'S CRYPTGoogle Dailymotion
Level 5 - Torture Chamber, Morgue, Frankenstein's Birth PlaceGoogle Dailymotion
Level 6 - Dracula's Bridge, Dracula's Clock Tower, Dracula's Coffin and lots of weird shitGoogle Dailymotion
Intermission - Level 6 No Hits Live Run Failure Reel - With Proton Jon and SlowbeefGoogle Dailymotion
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